How to format a USB drive on a MAC

Do you have a MAC Book Pro or other Apple branded device? As for the PC these computers are able to read USB drives.

But did you know that it is possible to format a USB key on MAC ?

A few weeks ago I posted a tutorial on how to format hard drive for Windows.

In this tutorial I explain how to format your USB key on your MAC.

Steps to format a USB drive on MAC OS

Step 1 – Connect your USB key

Obviously the USB key is plugged into the USB port of your MAC. The key must be plugged in if you want to be able to format it.

You should see your USB drive in the FINDER.

It is recommended save your data since formatting the key will erase all of its contents.

Step 2 – Disk Utility

MAC OS offers a tool within its system to manage your disks and USB keys, which is why you must search for the tool by entering “Disk Utility” in SpotLight

spotlight utility disk

You then arrive in this menu:

disk utility
Example with a Toshiba hard drive

It is necessary click on Erase to Format your usb key or hard drive

A confirmation window asks for a name.

erase usb macosx
Click Erase to format your USB drive

A progress window indicates that your key is formatted.

mac formatted usb drive

Congratulations your USB drive is formatted for your MAC.

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