How To Fix Stuck SD Card And Protect Your Data In Windows 10, 8, 8.1 And 7

Let’s try to see with you some methods to fix stuck SD card and also some techniques to protect your data using the easy ways. The tips presented in this post are easy and will allow you to repair stuck SD card. Consult the complete guide presented below.

SD card is one of the most convenient ways to increase storage space, save data. Besides that, it is very easy to install a memory card on any other device. This storage is reliable and in most cases it does not present a problem. Among the concerns often encountered by memory card users is the SD card lock. When the SD card is damaged, all the data in it gets corrupted and the user accesses it with difficulty, if at all.

A Broken SD card presents difficulty in data recovery. Unfortunately, the options presented in this post for repairing an SD card are not applicable. However, there are some methods that allow users to fix stuck SD card easily and also allow users to recover data .

We show some methods allowing to repair stuck SD card and as well as a means of protecting data. If you want to know more about the methods, read all the information given on this page till the end. This is more than enough as an introduction to the and let us now see the memory card repair methods !

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We will present in a few steps a simple and effective method allowing to repair your SD card. Please check all the different steps given below.

CMD is one of the best options to fix SD card without third party software. The great advantage is that most of the times this method although being simple allows to repair damaged or broken SD card without many difficulties. Following are some simple steps listed to help you fix SD card stuck with CMD.

Step 1. First, connect the damaged SD card to your computer using an adapter. Before going any further, let us point out that the method is also functional in terms of repairing a USB key.

2nd step. Open the CMD as administrator and enter ” diskpart

Step 3. In the next step, type ” list disk And press Enter. You will now see the entire drive connected to your computer.

Step 4. Enter: ” select disk 1 Because most of the time it is disk 1. Of course you should not have any other external drive or USB stick plugged into your PC so make sure to replace the number in the “disk” part. 1 With the disk number assigned to your SD card.

Step 5. In the next step, type ” clean And press the Enter button.

Step 6. Then type ” create partition primary ” then press the Enter button again.

Step 7. Now type ” active And then press Enter again.

Step 8. Enter ” select partition 1 Then Enter.

Step 9. We’re almost done! In the last step we have to format the newly created partition. To do this, type ” format fs = fat32 ” or ” format fs = ntfs And press Enter. You have chosen the file system your SD card will use

That’s it, you’re done!

And that’s all for what was to show you how to fix damaged SD card with CMD (the command prompt). If you happen to have any issues, please let us know in the comments area.

Methods To fix stuck SD card and protect your data:

Step 1. Physically clean the SD card by wiping the clean cloth over it.

Sometimes due to the obstruction by dust particles, the SD card starts to lose contact with the wires. This step is simple and you can optionally perform it on a regular basis. Above all remember you must avoid contacting a damp cloth with the memory card as the water could cause an oxygen layer to form on the copper elements, which can then cause the connections to jam.

2nd step. the Formatting the SD card might be the option to turn it back on after a crash.

Some viruses or files can cause SD card problems. the formatting will remove viruses and resulting files thus allowing the SD card to work well again. But there is one thing you should know, is that after formatting you cannot recover all your data. Consider backing up your data regularly and especially do not hesitate to use the Cloud .

Step 3. Sometimes when you try to install the SD card on one of the devices without reading it properly, it might be because your device is not compatible with this kind of SD card. Yes, there are also some compatibility issues that could prevent the memory card from working properly and show the signs of failure. So before you think about formatting your card, first try using it in any other device to see if you can’t access all the files on it.

Step 4. Find and diagnose the SD card using PC tools. Simply connect the SD card using the card reader and then use the tools to identify any issues with the card. There are many tools available to repair SD card so that you can use them to its advantage.

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Use DiskDrill To Recover Data From Your Memory Card

Download and Install Disk Drill Software To Repair Your Card (Memory Card) Or Recover Your Data.

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Conclusion on SD Card Repair

Finally, hope this post has let you know the methods to fix damaged SD card. The SD card is important because it allows data to be saved and the data can be used later. It has been presented to you in an easy way and we think you would use it to fix a stuck SD card and possibly a USB Flash Drive.

Hope you enjoyed all the information in this post. If so, please share them with others. Because you never know, there may be another person somewhere with memory card or USB key difficulty. Express yourself in the comments and thanks for reading this post!

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