How to fix ‘NP-103085-7’ error on PS5? – Video game tips

Sometimes, the player runs into certain errors that come to hinder the gaming experience, as is the case with known bug NP-103085-7, the system shows it due to the inconvenience of the PS5’s cloud storage, so it is not possible to access or save online games with other players. To solve this, simply restart the computer, restore PS5 licenses, update the system or reset the PS5.

What are the most common causes of errors on your PS5?

As with other systems, it is not uncommon for some type of software or even hardware error to appear at some point, this can be due to various factors such as errors in the internet connectivity, bad update, failed installation, among others.

Failed installation

One of the most common errors expressed by the community is where when installing a game, the installation failed message is surprisingly displayed on the screen.

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This is due to various causes: problems in the internet connection or the lack of update of the PS5. To fix it, you can pause or cancel the download, restart the internet console and update the system to its latest version.

Bad update

It is possible that other errors are presented as a result of a bad update of the PS5, they are things that you have to pay close attention to. When the latest software download is in progress and an error occurs during the update, must be restarted the network team, the PlayStation 5 and try again with the update.

Another way to avoid this is to look for a different method update other than through the internet, usually being to download the PS5 system software to a USB device from a computer (PC) that has an internet connection.

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In addition, in case the system does not connect to the internet, it can be updated by means of a game disc. There are physical games that come with the latest version of the system software. When the disc is started, a series of steps will be displayed on the TV screen that will guide the player through the update process.

How to identify the problem through the error code?

For casual players and those who are more dedicated, being able to identify and know one of the different errors that the console occasionally shows, will be an enormous advantage when acting and later solving said error.

Fortunately, there is a simple way to instantly identify the source of the error, this is to observe the first acronyms found in the name of the same that appears on the screen. These letters will allow the meaning of the error to be determined, these acronyms will be explained below:

  • CE- Common Error
  • NW- Network Error
  • NP- PlayStation Network Error (PlayStation Network Error)
  • E2- Exceptional Error (Exception Error)
  • WS- Server Error (Web Server Error)
  • WV- Web Error (Web View Error)

What to do to fix the ‘Something went wrong’ error on PS5?

4 different solutions to this error are explained in simple steps below:

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Restart PS5. To restart the PlayStation 5, first press the PS button on the command or control, on the screen select the icon called Power and from there go to the Restart PS5 option.

Restore licenses. On the main screen go to the Settings option, then Users and Accounts, then select Other and within choose the Restore Licenses option, to confirm press Restore.

Update PS5. Go to Settings, select System, then, in System Software choose the Console Information option, once inside click on Update Available in case that option appears. Another way is to go to Settings and System Software Update, select Update System Software and click Update from Internet or Update from USB Drive as the case may be.

Reset PS5. Go to Settings, select System, in System Software go to Restart Options, choose the option Restart your Console, confirm in Restart and again confirm in Yes to reboot to factory mode.