How to fix ‘Google Play Service has stopped’ error on Android

Are you trying to start an application and suddenly an unexpected error from Google appears on the screen that prevents you from using it? Learn how to fix the error »Google Play Service stopped” on Android.

What is Google Play or Google Services?

It is an application that comes installed from the factory on most Android phones. For Google App Developers works like a bookstore that allows you to modify Google APIs and services in a practical way.

It was created with the intention of avoid fragmentation errors on Android. It’s also a way to keep Google and Android services related.

What is Google Play Service used for?

It is a form of keep updates in sync from Google and Android. It doesn’t matter if the system is outdated or what version of Android you have, this way Google makes sure that have all the resources necessary for your phone to work.

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For example, if a developer wants to modify a specific Google application, upload the update to Google Play Service and take advantage of the internal library. This update will be the same for all Android devices and versions.

Standardization in the development of a system allows simplifying the tasks to create new processes. In addition, it is a way in which the entire work team “speak the same language” and be easy to understand.

Regarding the function of the app in the system, it is in charge of the tasks of contact sync, access to user privacy settings and validation of Google services. Manage all services related to Google.

Why does Google Play Service stop?

The most common reason why Google Play Service stops working is because of app outdated or close the process erroneously. The error can occur right after an app update.

Another reason is that you try to sign in to an application with Gmail and it is incompatible with Google Play Service and can generate authentication errors. One way or another the error has a solution.

How to fix ‘Google Play Service has stopped’ error?

Solution 1: Reboot the system

It may be the most rudimentary method to solve any computer error, but it is the simplest alternative that guarantees results without modifying the system. Rebooting a device all processes are reset and they work fine again.

To restart your Android device press the off button for at least two seconds. Depending on the version of Android you have installed, a message will appear to turn off the device completely or restart it.

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In case this message does not appear, you can try pressing and holding the power button for five seconds or until the screen turns off. Then press the button again to turn on the phone.

Solution 2. Uninstall Google Play Service updates

In case your phone does not reset when restarting your device try uninstall recent updates of Google Play Service. In this way, the aim is to obtain compatibility of the app with other applications.

  • Access the system settings.
  • Select the option Applications.
  • Now choose the tab Application Manager.
  • Locate and select the Google Play Service application from the list. If it is not shown, click on the More option and then Show all system applications.
  • Once opened, choose the option Uninstall updates.

will display a factory version of the application, but which is surely compatible with the other system apps. Now try to access the application that was generating the error and then update Google Play Service again.

It can be updated again from the Play Store app. Select the plus button (three horizontal lines) and choose the option my apps and games. There press the button Update all, to be up to date with all the updates.