How To Fix Google Chrome Aie Aie Aie Error On Windows 10

For a few days the browser Google chrome made his own. Indeed when opening the browser you are entitled to a beautiful message AIE AIE AIE.

The issue would affect versions of Windows 10 before 1903 and the update to Google Chrome version 78.0.3904. (Server versions like Windows Server 2016 are also impacted)

Rest assured there is a way to fix this bug or at least work around it.

We are going to trick and we are going to make the browser believe that it is launching on a Windows 7.

Google Chrome page AIE AIE AIE
An error message with a little humor.

To perform this manipulation you must do:

Right-click on the Google Chrome shortcut on your Desktop and choose “Properties”

Google Chrome Properties menu

Then you have to go to the tab “Compatibility” and click on “Modify for all users”.
This setting will therefore be applied to all those who connect to your computer.

To know

If you don’t have access you can do so with an administrator account.

Google Chrome accounting menu

Then you check Windows 7 and you validate.

windows 7 compatibility in Google Chrome properties

Relaunch your Google Chrome and it should work just fine.

Now if you ever want to change your browser, do not hesitate to read my Brave browser tutorial It is fast, efficient and respects your privacy.

The tutorial is also available in video on Youtube:

When will there be a real solution?

Little info on this subject. We don’t really know if it comes from Windows 10 updates or from Google Chrome. I tested with the Chromium browser and the problem is the same! Especially since it is quite random depending on the computers.

Chromium is an open source and free project. Google Chrome relies on Chromium to offer its browser. The advantage of Chromium is that there are no Google tracking tools!

No doubt that Google and Microsoft are expected to release fixes soon.

For professionals, attention the problem also affects Windows Server 2016 !

This tutorial will be updated as soon as we have the necessary information.

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