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How to fix and improve sound quality in Windows 10

Audio might not be something you might think often, but Windows 10 has many options to customize it to its fullest potential. We’ll show you all kinds of tips and tricks to improve your sound quality and thus your Windows 10 experience.

From quickly switching between audio devices to enabling audio enhancements, you’re bound to learn something new here.

How to fix and improve sound quality in Windows 10 - Windows

1. How to change the sound effects

How to fix and improve sound quality in Windows 10 - Windows

You can customize all kinds of sounds in Windows to create a highly personalized experience. To do this, press the . key Windows + I To open Settings and go to التخصيص -> السمات -> الأصوات. Alternatively, right-click the speaker icon in the taskbar and click sounds.

Use the Sound System drop-down menu to switch between the default Windows options. You can choose No Sounds If you want to mute all sounds.

Alternatively, tap Option an item in the program’s event list and use the sounds dropdown menu or browse to select a different sound. Click “OK” When you finish.

2. How to control the volume of an individual app

How to fix and improve sound quality in Windows 10 - Windows

Click the speaker icon in the taskbar, and you can adjust the overall volume of the system. However, this is not very useful when you want to control the individual volume of any application. To do this, right-click on the speaker icon, and click Open Volume mixer Adjust the sliders as per your convenience.

If you want to do it faster and with the help of the improved Windows interface, download EarTrumpet from the Microsoft Store. Once installed, open it, and it will automatically go to the expanded taskbar. Left click on the icon and drag it to the taskbar to keep it there permanently.

If you want to remove the standard speaker icon and only use the EarTrumpet, right-click on the taskbar and click Taskbar settings. Click Turn system icons on or off , then change the toggle switch next to Volume to Off.

3. How to quickly switch between audio devices

How to fix and improve sound quality in Windows 10 - Windows

If you have multiple audio devices, such as speakers and headphones, you will need to switch between them frequently.

To do this, click on the speaker icon in the taskbar tray. Click on the name of your current audio device, and a list of other options will be displayed. Simply click on the audio device you want to change to.

The best way to do this is by using a free and lightweight app called Audio Switcher. With it, you can assign audio devices (playback and recording) to any keyboard shortcuts you want. This is great for quickly switching between audio devices, especially when using a full screen app.

On Audio Switcher:

  • Go to the Playback and Recording tabs to view all your audio devices.
  • Right-click on the device you want to customize.
  • You can set it as the default device, and you can also click Set Hot Key To assign a keyboard shortcut.

Also, you might want to go to the Settings tab and check the Start checkbox to start it up with Windows booting.

You can use other automation tools to achieve the same effect. For example, if you have an Elgato Stream Deck, you can download the StreamDeck-AudioSwitcher plug-in to switch between two audio devices with the press of a button.

4. How to update audio drivers

How to fix and improve sound quality in Windows 10 - Windows

If you are having an audio problem, you should try updating your audio drivers. Generally, you should update your drivers in order for your devices to keep running smoothly with the latest version of Windows 10.

To do this:

  • press the . key Windows + X and click Device Manager.
  • Double click Audio inputs and outputs.
  • Find the annoying audio device, right-click it and select Driver Update.
  • Click Automatically search for updated driver software And follow the wizard through it.

If that doesn’t work, repeat steps one through three above, but tap Uninstall device instead. Reboot your system, and Windows will try to reinstall the driver automatically. If this is still a problem, head over to the manufacturer’s website and get the latest driver version right from there.

If you still have sound problems, right-click the speaker icon in the taskbar and click Troubleshoot sound problems. Follow the wizard, and it will try to fix any problems it finds automatically.

5. How to enable audio enhancements

How to fix and improve sound quality in Windows 10 - Windows

Windows has many built-in audio improvements that you can apply to your components. To apply:

  • Right-click on the speaker icon in the taskbar and click sounds.
  • Switch to tab employment.
  • Double-click the audio device you want to change.
  • Switch to the Enhancements tab. Some audio devices will not display this tab if they do not support the functionality.
  • Now, check out the audio enhancement you want, such as Virtual Surround or Loudness Equalization. If you click on one of them, it will give you a description of what it does.
  • When finished, click onOK“.

6. How to enable Windows Sonic for surround sound

Windows 10 includes a feature called Windows Sonic. It simulates the surround sound of headphones. They also provide spatial sound, making the sound appear to be moving according to direction.

How to fix and improve sound quality in Windows 10 - Windows

To enable it:

  • press the . key Windows + I to open settings.
  • Click النظام -> الصوت.
  • Under Output, select Device characteristics.
  • Use the Spatial Audio Format dropdown menu and select Windows Sonic for Headphones.

7. Buying new headphones or amplifiers

If one thing is for sure to improve your sound quality, it is to buy better speakers or a headphone. Not all audio equipment is built equal, and some will offer higher volume, deeper bass, noise cancellation, and a number of other important features.

You don’t need to break the bank to get something decent. For example, check out our recommendations for the best wireless gaming headphones.

Are you a fan of audio?

We hope you learned something new about how to get the best out of sound on Windows 10. These are all quick and easy things to do, but they will definitely improve your Windows 10 sound quality.

Considering that you’ve just read this and made some audio tweaks, you might be an audiophile. Here are the best free music sites to download songs legally.

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