How to Find, View and Delete AppData [Tuto]

AppData contains your folder Roaming, which often contains critical application files and / or game saves. To display it, you must first show hidden files, folders and drives.

About AppData and Roaming

Roaming files are useful because they can be connected to other computers on a network. If you manage your own home network, synchronization of your roaming files will enable you access shared application data , as bookmarks where the game saves.

Local folders usually contain only files linked to your current PC and cannot be moved without causing rupture. Usually, you don’t need to touch them.

The Appdata / Roaming folder

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Method 1: Access using% appdata%.

Normally it is in your user space which is the same repertoire which contains all your documents, music, photos, etc.. However, instead of navigating by through the file explorer at the exact spot, you can easily use roaming to access.

Open the appdata folder

We are using roaming because the% appdata% environment variable does not really find the exact folder. Rather it indicates roaming inside of AppData which includes most of all application data.

  • Press on Windows + R, type ” % appdata% In the dialog box and press Entrance.
  • This command will open roaming inside of case. If you want to access the parent folder (Data application) just go back one step using Windows Explorer.

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Method 2: View the folder

  • Navigate to your main reader where is your Windows, for example VS :
  • Go to theC: Users
  • Search the name of your user, for example Martin, Robert, etc. (or whatever name you give your PC). If you don’t know your username, you should see it when you log in. connect or disconnect from your PC.
  • Then you just need to use the tab Display at the top and check the option ” Hidden elements

View the AppData folder

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Method 3: WHAT if I still can’t display it?

There are advanced methods to display system files. This operation is complicated and you may need the help of your local specialist to sort this out if you are not used to the‘command prompt, but if you want to try it, here’s how it would work:
NOTE: Please be very careful, if you do a typing error, you risk hide your entire hard drive

  • Open your command prompt
  • Enter the following command attrib -s -h C: Users NAME AppData (to replace NAME by your username used by you example)
  • The above command would remove all defined attributes on this file who could to hide. To test it, you need to press the ” up arrow On your keyboard after having executed the command above and it will appear again. Then replace -s and -h through + s + h as you can see in the photo below:
show appdata folder by command prompt
show l by command prompt

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  • It should now be displayed.
    It is rare, but under certain conditions the simple fact to use the option to hide hidden folders does not work and you can only use the above options, then this guide will be useful to you.
    So give it a try and see if that helps.

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Method 4: What if it’s missing?

If you cannot access the Data application using one of the two methods above, it probably means that there is a problem with your operating system. Your applications do not work properly and do not initialize.

To remedy this, you can perform a system restore and choose one recent restore point.
Make sure you choose a recent catering point which was taken the most recent.

System Restore
System Restore

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Method 5: Can I remove AppData?

Quick response : No ! You must not delete it or the files it contains.

You do not must not delete its files, because this would damage programs to which these files are connected. Move of these files is not a smart choice either.

On the contrary, for keep them safe, it is better to leave the files in this folder. You can just copy the files using a transfer service or on a storage disk external.

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In addition, you can also use a professional data backup software to make a backup and you can then save them to your new device.

This is particularly useful when you want use current files and games from your device to another, transfer the specific parameters to a new machine, or simply save your options and data.


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