How to find the right drivers for your computer

You have probably had to format your computer in the past. Only here you freshly install your system and there no net, no sound … Indeed during a system re-installation your computer must have the right drivers to operate each device (sound, internet, webcam, etc …) We will see here several methods in order to no longer be in this hassle!

The manufacturer’s site!

Via the CD

If you have the CD for your motherboard then just install them using it. The CD should contain all the drivers for your computer except for external devices such as webcams and even graphics card.

This method is the easiest and fastest. However we do not have the latest drivers up to date.

Head to the manufacturer’s site

In the event that you cannot find your CD, it is possible to retrieve the drivers from the site of the manufacturer of your motherboard. Depending on the brand, do a google search for Asus Support, Acer Support, Toshiba Support …

This method allows you to have the right pilots but takes time and research!

The paid software that does it all for you!

Another solution is to invest a few dollars in software that can determine the latest drivers based on your hardware. The software takes care of downloading the driver, extracting it and installing it.

A must of its kind is Driver Genius you can buy it for 19.90 €

This method is hassle-free and very fast. However, spending € 20 for a task that can be done manually is not necessarily profitable.

If you are ever looking for free software you can try DriverBooster

Be careful when installing the software, certain boxes must be unchecked to avoid installing some additional software.

home site driver booster

custom driverbooster installation

driverbooster deactivation pub

Once the installation is complete the software scans the drivers available for your computer.

The site that detects the drivers for you

There is a great site that can scan your computer’s peripherals and give you direct links to download drivers. Sometimes you download them directly from the manufacturer’s site. The DriversCloud site is a reference and it is by far number 1. Once on the site install the agent, relaunch the site to start the detection :

driver cloud agent installation button

drivercloud button automatic agent installation

Once installed, relaunch the site then click on Start Detection a window should appear

button detect on drivercloud site

By clicking on detect the site will restart, then click on the My drivers tab

button my drivers on the site driverscloud

The list of drivers to update or install is displayed:

list of drivers driverscloud

Once downloaded on your computer you have to extract them and then install them.

This method is simple, fast and FREE, however you must have at least the network driver (Ethernet / Wifi, the one that allows you to be connected)

For the more experienced!

This requires having at least one PC connected to the internet to download the drivers for the affected computer.

The goal is to search for the Seller and Dev code on Google in order to find the driver.

To find out the codes of your peripherals, go to thee Device Manager (Computer, Right click Property, Device Manager). Uninstalled hardware usually appears with a yellow question mark.

Double click on your device then go to the details tab and choose "Material identification number"
Double click on your device then go to the details tab and choose “Hardware identification number”

This method is the most complex but the most precise! She is typically used on laptops when we do not know which Wifi / Bluetooh chip, or Webcam is installed :).

Moreover, once the network driver has been obtained, it is preferable to go through the other methods mentioned above in order to facilitate the download of the drivers.


We have reviewed several methods for you to download the drivers for your computer. We go from the simplest to the most complicated. Nevertheless by experience you will probably use a mix of all of these methods.

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