How to find the IP address of your printer in Windows 11? – Complete guide

Nowadays printers provide many options for the task of printing, as manufacturers have added several functions in addition to printing; And now with a printer you can make copies, transfer documents via Wi-Fi, scan and other tasks.

In addition to this, considered one of the greatest improvements, it is the fact of being able to use printers with access to the network, since it is an extremely significant advance to better manage tasks, but we must know the printer’s IP address in Windows 11 and thus have better control over it. Here we explain what you must do to find that IP address easily and quickly.

What should you do to find out the IP address of your printer on your PC according to the brand?

Although each manufacturer has its peculiarities, Internet Protocol is a communication standard that must be met by all in order to enable connectivity, whether direct or wireless, between a computer with other devices, in order to facilitate its operation.

Therefore, all manufacturers are obliged to enable an IP address on their devices, which allows them to connection between themselves and with the Internet, which makes the exchange of information possible. Now, if we want to obtain the IP of our printer, we must make sure that it has the configuration that allows it to connect to the network.

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To achieve this goal, we can activate various methodsAmong them, the following stand out: printing the configuration report that the printer has, also locating it from the screen of the printer itself, navigating through the various options, using the configuration software; The one we use to install and configure on the PC, enter the properties menu and locate the Ports option, through the Router configuration and finally, using an application that is compatible and that shows us the connected devices.

However, we must know that these options have variations according to the brand of the printer, as each manufacturer gives it its particular touch and activates different ways to find the IP address in your Windows 11, then we will discover those particularities.

Epson Printers

Before delving into the point, it is important to point out that Epson is a Japanese company, recognized worldwide as a leader in the manufacture of printing equipment, both inkjet and matrix, and laser printing; And so it has been for many years. Similarly, it has a very substantial catalog of printers with an internet connection.

Epson proposes its own modality for find IP address of your printer in Windows, which consists of pressing, for ten seconds, on the printer’s network status button, after that time the button is released and the report that shows the connection status is printed, where the IP adress.

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Canon devices

Canon is a leading company in the supply of technological products And that has its origin in Japan, if you want to consult the IP address of a printer manufactured by them, from your Windows 11, you can do it in the minimum possible time and without any complication.

You can do this query using the ‘Go’ key that appears on your printer and give the order to print ‘User data list’; Or you can print and check the network status from the Printer Status Window. In both cases, it will generate the IP address you are looking for.

If your printer is Brother

The Brother brand, of Japanese origin, has been characterized by the manufacture of a variety of industrial products, being that in printers they offer multifunctional and simple functions, which present two very simple ways that allow you to consult the IP of your Brother printer in Windows 11.

The first modality is to review communication settings, where the printer configuration tool is located and the IP you are looking for appears there. The second mode is to print the report of that configuration that is thrown from the printer, it should be noted that this report can be printed without having to connect the printer to a computer or any other mobile device, since only by turning on the printer and holding down the power button, for 10 seconds, the report is issued automatically.

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How can you find out the IP of your printer through CMD?

One of the options that we have thanks to Windows 11 to find the IP address of a printer, is through the CMD console, we start by opening this command in the browser, there we have the option of executing the command ‘netstat –r’ to be able to have the list of all network resources that are active.

When determining the printer in Windows 11, it is possible to see the IP address in the printer panel, since it is an alternative typical of modern printers that have come on the market and that facilitate the tasks to be carried out.

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How can you see the IP address of your network connected printer?

There is a convenient way to see the IP address of your network connected printer, however, you should be clear that it is not a universal formula, since each manufacturer implements its own own interfaces to be able to access to consult the information of the IP address.

Now, today several of the network printers, even more so if they are connected by Wi-Fi, bring with them a screen where you can discover the IP addressSimply access its settings in the Configuration section, or in that section that allows us a summary of the most important parameters in terms of network connection. In this way we will have access to the IP address of the printer when it is connected to the network.