How To Find The Best Furniture Deals On Wallapop – Smart Search

Wallapop is the famous online store dedicated to the purchase and sale of second-hand items. You can find almost anything in it, articles of electronic origin, clothing, household items and among this furniture that you will love.

The price of the furniture varies depending on the seller, the area where it is located and the price when the shipment is made. Therefore, today we want to show you how to achieve any type of furniture at a great price. A good option is to use the filter tool with which excellent results are achieved, using it in the proper way.

What are the steps to apply a filter to the articles on your profile on Wallapop?

When you already have an idea of ​​what you want, you have much of the search process earned, it becomes much easier to get what you want; however, there are filters that can make your search more specific and that Wallapop develops very well.

The filters can be applied from the web page of your computer or also from the phone easily and quickly. We show you how to do it.

With the mobile app

  • Open the Wallapop app.
  • Click on the button you have in the upper right corner, you will find a list of categories and you must select the one you want.
  • Once you have selected the category you want, it will open on your left a specification chart that you will have to fill in.
  • After filling in the specifications, press the Apply option at the end and that’s it.

apply a filter to the articles of your profile in wallapop

By following this series of steps, you will be able to find the item you are looking for faster. After you finish your search and exit the application the filters will be established, that is to say that to carry out a different search you will have to change them again.

From your computer

To set some certain filters in Wallapop from your computer you just have to follow each of the steps that we show you now.

  • Go to the Wallapop official page.
  • As the main presentation you will see an ad that says ´ What are you looking for today? ´ and below it all the categories they have, you must choose the one you prefer.
  • After selecting the category, a new page will be loaded where you will have a search bar within which you have to place the item you want specifically for example ´Brown sofa´.
  • Press the option that says Deepen Search, Wallapop will show you all the information regarding what you wrote.
  • Now you only have to select the Filter option that appears in the upper left part of the screen, you adapt it according to what you need and press, at the end, Apply.

How should you look for second-hand kitchen furniture at Wallapop?

When we think of find kitchen cabinets on Wallapop The first thing that comes to mind is to look for it from the Home and Garden category; However, when you search from that category, the results are not what you expect, what you are looking for does not appear.

find second hand kitchen furniture on wallapop

The right way to find kitchen cabinets is by heading to the appliance category. Once inside it you will write in the search engine: Kitchen furniture.

The first 6 items that appear may be kitchen items, but as you go down you can get a lot of kitchen furniture and even kitchens that they sell with the entire game included.

What to do to find extremely cheap second-hand furniture?

If what you want is get some kitchen furniture with a really low price range, you just have to specify it in the filter.

  • Open the Wallapop application or the website if you are from the computer.
  • Choose the category and type the type of furniture you want in the search bar.
  • Now select the Filters option.
  • Locate the part that says How much do you want to pay?
  • Write the amount in euros that you can spend. You have 2 limits, one is from what price you expect to get and the second is up to what price you want to pay for some furniture. Fill in the filters and select Apply.

To the apply the filters The Wallapop page will reload to show you the items that match your established requirements. Something that you should consult when buying something as large as furniture, is the shipping method and the cost to where you are. It is an extra price that you should know whether to add it or not.

What is the best method to find second-hand furniture brought from the US?

find second-hand furniture brought from the usa

If what you want are second-hand furniture brought from the US You should do a fairly thorough search on second-hand buying and selling pages. Wallapop is the most used application so far, however, you can do a quick search on Google where options will surely appear for you.

Another way to get this type of furniture is by placing buying and selling stores in the US that they do shipments nationally and internationally, When you contact them, you have the possibility to choose the ones you want and wait for the store to send you the shipment.

There are really several online stores in the United States from which you can locate what you are looking for and also offer shipping service right to your front door, no matter which side of the world you are on.