How to find messages on Telegram using advanced search?

Sometimes we spend hours trying to find a specific message from a chat, which is why Telegram has implemented advanced search among its functions. This is that you can search text or any chat you want from your account in the application.

Therefore, we bring you the most outstanding information so that you can make this function an ally of yours when you want to instantly obtain any message you have sent or received of some chat within Telegram, it really is something simple, so pay attention to do it.

How to access Telegram’s ‘advanced search’?

Doing an advanced search while in the instant messaging application is extremely simple, here no matter what device you have nor the operating system with which it works. However, we will explain how you can do it from any mobile or computer.

On mobile devices

For cell phone owners, it is much easier to do so, they just need to enter the Telegram application (by accessing their respective account), afterwards, they need to click on the magnifying glass that can be seen in the upper right part of the screen.

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It is here from where you can have access to all the information you want, where chats, files, documents, images, audios are included, among other elements that are shared in the app. Here enough place keywords and the search results will be shown to you.

From computers

Now, if you have the application installed on your computer and there you open your account, then the procedure is exactly the same to the previous one, since it is basically the same platform, in the latest version (if you have it that way). Therefore, it is not necessary to do anything additional to what we have already mentioned.

However, it is possible that from the web version (entering the official Telegram site) this function is a bit limited, since the developers cannot place the same potential on this. So the most common is that you find some messages (this is what usually happens), while files and so on it will be a bit more complex to achieve.

How to use Telegram’s advanced search to find specific messages?

Depending on what you are looking for, there are different tricks or ways that you can use to look up that information. Therefore, put more specific parameters if this is what you want to achieve (a particular message).

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Here you can implement the search by date, which will show you all the messages you wrote that day exactly. When you click on the magnifying glass, first all recent chats will appear you have, then your complete list of contacts will come, so when you put the date, those with whom you chatted that day should come out.

Also, you may be able to search by the contact’s name, which will take you to the conversation you had with the contact. But the best thing about the platform is that you can mix both criteria (name and date), so that the information will appear much more timely.

In case you do not want to do it like this, then you can place keywords that you remember having written in the message or what you read it, there should be reflected messages that contain these words. Although to be more precise, you enter the date and will give you a better result of the search.

How do you specify what kind of messages you are looking for?

On the other hand, Telegram makes it easy for you to search for messages depending on their type. This means that it can be a chat, audio (if you are going to share it on WhatsApp), music, photos, videos, among other elements that we usually share on this platform.

carry out searches on telegram

If you are going to execute this function, you just have to click on the magnifying glass icon (located at the top right at the beginning of the app), right there a series of categories will open for you below where the search text is placed. You can see the categories of chat, links, media, voice, music …

Then you need to select the one you want to search for and then write, for example, the date of that message, or the person from whom you received it. This can be done since the platform allows combining the criteria and do an advanced search much better and that meets the needs of Telegram users.

How to filter Telegram messages based on source?

When doing a search according to the source, we refer to the sender or origin of the message itself that we want to obtain. As you have already been told, you can search by the name of the person who sent the message (even users close to your location), where you just place their name on the cursor and voila.

You can also do it through the username of any account, for this you must put ‘@’ just before the user. But in addition to all this, it is possible that you carry out a search for messages that have been sent in groups or channels (whether public or private), in which you are a member, participant or administrator of them.