How to enter the bios of my Asus ROG?

Your computer is having some problems. Therefore you would like to know how to enter BIOS on your Asus ROG? Indeed, it is possible that certain configurations block the startup of your computer. Therefore, it is sometimes necessary to know how to access it. However, we should point out to you that a improper handling could quickly damage your system. Therefore, to bring you the best recommendations. We will start by telling you the methods that allow you to open the BIOS. Then if you are interested, we will introduce you, the BIOS function on your Asus ROG.


Access the BIOS with an Asus ROG computer:

The different procedures that allow you to enter the BIOS on an Asus ROG:

There are a number of ways to enter the BIOS of your Asus ROG. So if you find it difficult to open it, do not hesitate to carry out the various solutions presented below in order to increase your chances of success.

Click on a key when starting your Asus ROG in order to enter the BIOS:

The best known technique is that pressing a specific key when starting the computer. Indeed, the latter gives the possibility of opening your BIOS very quickly.

However, be aware that the key may vary from one computer to another. Depending on the year of manufacture of your Asus ROG, the key may be different. In general, it is a question of the key F2, Esc or even F10 or F12. So you just have to restart your Asus ROG and to click a certain number of times on the button in question. In case you have any doubts, you can read the user guide for your Asus ROG.

Difficulties accessing the BIOS with fast boot on an Asus ROG:

This technique is proving to be more and more difficult to apply, since computers start up faster and faster with the fast boot. Therefore, it is necessary to be really sharp when starting up because if the bone is already launched you will not enter BIOS using the key.

If you want to facilitate this method. You can disable fast startup via the Settings: System / Power and standby / Additional power settings. Then you will have to press “Choose the action of the power buttons”. On this window, click on the link “Modify parameters currently not available” and deactivate “Activate fast start”.

Go through WinRe to enter the BIOS on your Asus ROG:

When the technique mentioned above does not work on your Asus ROG. You can also use WinRe.

The latter has been available since Update and security settings in category ” Recovery ” by pressing the button ” Restart now “. You will access the blue screen “Choose an option”. Or when you are no longer able to open your Windows 10 session. You can perform a method without turning on the PC. The latter amounts to press the on / off button and force shutdown of your Asus ROG. You will have to do this about 3 times to access the blue screen “Choose an option”.

Once on the page “Choose an option”. You will need to press the button ” Repair “. This will redirect you to the screen ” Problem resolution “, inside which it will be necessary press “Advanced options”. Finally, press the option “Change UEFI firmware settings” and press the button ” To restart “.

When should you enter the BIOS on an Asus ROG?

BIOS opening must be occasional. Indeed, the latter is not doomed to be visited often. Therefore, the display is in most cases rather basic. It’s important to only enter your UEFI if it is the last solution. An error in use could seriously damage your system.

So when you have a problem black screen when starting your Asus ROG, or if your Asus ROG no longer turns on. We suggest you try first to repair your Windows 10 operating system. In case that does not work then you can also try to do a reset by initiating Windows 10 reset on your Asus ROG. If you want to know more about it and what it entails on your computer. We suggest you consult the following tutorial: How to reset an Asus ROG?

In case fail to repair the system then it may be useful to change some settings of your BIOS.

The role of the BIOS on an Asus ROG:

The BIOS or more precisely the Basic Input Output System happens to be the motherboard program. It allows you to operate your Asus ROG. The latter is now replaced by UEFI. However, it is quite common to still use the word BIOS for UEFI out of habit.

This one is intended for load programs so that you can turn on your computer. It is installed on the computer read only memory so you won’t get lost when your computer is off. In this way, to boot your computer, BIOS will perform a series of instructions respecting a very precise order. This includes in particular a testing phase POST (Power On Self Test). They will check whether all peripherals of your PC are ready to start. It must this way check the condition of the hard disk, of processor, of the RAM and other peripherals. When one of them malfunctions priming would not load the OS which gives the possibility to open your Windows 10 session.

In conclusion : Enter the BIOS of your Asus ROG can be difficult at first. However, there are a number of ways to access it. Therefore you can perform some manipulations to access it. When you find yourself on BIOS window. You will need to be particularly careful not to perform a handling error because the consequences may be very significant for your system.

If you want other tutorials on your Asus ROG, we invite you to consult the other articles in the category: Asus ROG.

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