How to earn ZEN tokens easily and quickly

Horizen is a cryptocurrency with a design modern and futuristic. Her technology is very advanced especially on privacy protection. Therefore, the exchanges are anonymous thanks to the technology called “Zero knowledge“.

To decentralize as much as possible its Horizen network offers two types of masternodes (SuperNoeud and SécureNoeud) we will come back to this later.

Why present Horizen and its ZEN token?

Horizen uses several technologies such as proof of mining and proof of stake or proof of stake.

Horizen (which was called ZENCASH) was created following a Fork of Zclassic.

The team working on this project is solid and documents its project enormously.

Horizen homepage
The site is translated into French!

How any cryptocurrency project must be forge your own opinion and consult the white paper (full description of the project).

Should you invest in Horizen?

Any investment in cryptocurrency is risky! However the project is solid and the price of the area is quite good.

One of the advantages is the possibility of easily earning tokens thanks to the mining, masternodes and faucet.

Here are 3 solutions to gain HORIZEN :

1 – ZEN miner

If you have good hardware (powerful graphics card) you can try to mine ZEN.

However for it to be interesting you really have to invest in good equipment and find a mining “pool”. A list of pools can be found here:

2 – Invest in a ZEN masternode

The ZEN masternode allows you to create a “secure node” or a “super node” on condition of block 42 ZEN for the secure node or 500 ZEN for the “super node”

As you can see, it is therefore necessary to have a certain number of tokens in possession and therefore a significant investment.

Keep in mind that the purpose of the Masternode is to secure the network by validating transactions. In return you receive rewards every day. It’s a long term investment.

To create your node you can choose:

  • Mount the node yourself (it takes time and you need to know a little about Linux System administration)
  • Take a turnkey MasterNode from a service provider such as Feel-Mining

If you are interested do not forget to enter the discount code TUTORIALS which allows you to reduce the amount of your basket by 5% !

Honestly at Feel-Mining your masternode is created and operational in 5 minutes.

For small budgets, go for Shared MasterNodes, they are more accessible.

3 – Enjoy the Horizen faucet

The Horizen faucet allows you to scratch ZEN every day. The advantage of this system is that you do not have nothing to invest, if not a little time in front of your screen.

You will see that it is possible to earn more thanks to easily activated bonuses.

First of all you must create a wallet, I advise you SPHERE it will allow you to easily validate your address on the faucet and thereforeactivate a first bonus.

Sphere wallet download page
Once downloaded, installation is straightforward.

Follow the Wallet creation procedure carefully, noting the passphrase.

The Faucet link is here:

Create your account so that you can remember your Horizen address created using Sphere.

getzencash homepage

To earn your rewards you must validate the CAPTCHA and click on CLAIM (Claim in French).

By chaining each day you increase your winnings thanks to the bonus (first day x1,2 then 1,4, 1,6 1,8 and finally x2), once the bonus X2 is reached you can play a kind of roulette and win the jackpot.

Finally for activate the third bonus You must do verify your address.

It’s very simple, just follow the steps of this video tutorial offered by the Horizen team.

And finally by associating your Facebook, Twitter, Linkdin account you further improve the bonus rewards.

Horizen social network bonus
Thanks to FaceBook, Twitter and Linkdin you can increase the bonus.

Finally if you keep your ZEN on your WALLET Horizen, depending on the amount the rewards are even greater:

hold horizen

Here is a complete presentation of the Faucet Horizen. All the bonuses are explained and detailed so don’t hesitate to take advantage of the comment thread if you have any questions.

The summary page the bonuses lets you know which bonuses are missing or not.

You can invest in a MasterNode, mine Zen with your computer and finally consult the faucet page every 20h

It is possible to increase your winnings by activating bonuses easily and keeping some of your tokens.

Be smart, it is possible to reinvest your faucet earnings in a shared MasterNode for increase your income.

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