How to download Windows 11 and install it on your PC

WIndows 11 is the successor to Windows 10, it has been available since October 5, 2021.

Windows 11 is free and you can migrate from Windows 10 to Windows 11 thanks to the Windows ISO or even thanks to the Windows Update system.

This tutorial explains how to download Windows 11 and then how to install it.

Can we install Windows 11 on any computer?

Unfortunately no, indeed Microsoft imposes prerequisites in order to be able to install Windows 11 on your computer. Very old PCs that have trouble running Windows 10 will not be able to run Windows 11.

Windows 11 prerequisite
Here are the prerequisites for Windows 11 (official site)

Obviously the rules have changed a bit lately, Microsoft will install the latest Windows thanks to theISO WINDOWS 11 (but not via Windows Update) on any computer.

According to the latest information, updates would be blocked via this process which is rather amazing.

Windows 11 desktop
Here is the desktop on Windows 11

Step 1 – Download Windows 11 ISO

Download Windows 11 Final Version

Once downloaded you have several possibilities:

  • Burn your ISO to a USB stick to install Windows 11 on a new computer
  • Switch from Windows 10 to Windows 11 using the setup.exe contained in the ISO

Step 2 – Create your USB medium for installation

To install Windows 11 on another computer, you must create a USB installation medium. The simplest tool is RUFUS !

Once your USB key is finalized, you can plug it into a computer, choose to boot from the key to proceed with the installation.

rufus Windows 11

Step 2a – Update Windows 10 to Windows 11

Once the Windows 11 ISO has been downloaded you can mount it in your explorer (right click on the ISO file) then double click on the file setup.exe

mount iso windows 11

As with Windows 10 upgrades you can then update your Windows 10 system to Windows 11 while keeping your data.

Windows 11 setup
by clicking on setup.exe you can update Windows 10 to Windows 11

Update Windows 11 via Windows Update

Since Windows 11 is still in beta, you can get it through Windows Update. (Officially you must respect the prerequisites).

windows 11 and Windows Update
here my computer is not compatible.

Some smart people have developed a script to go through the prerequisites.

The script is downloadable here

The developer’s Github is available at this address:

Once downloaded, you have to run the script as an administrator and then restart Windows Update.

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