How to download Skype on my Linux and any distribution of this system?

The Skype tool is widely known worldwide for its usefulness when establishing a virtual communication between users. This service is available for various operating systems such as Linux. So if you wonder how to download Skype on my Linux and any distribution of this system? pay attention to the following tutorial.

Where can you find the latest version of Skype for Linux?

Fortunately, the Microsoft company offers a good user support Linux operating system. In fact, it is worth noting that distribution software repositories present different packages for Linux. Therefore, you must choose the most appropriate option to install the application on your PC.

What is the procedure to download it?

The process to download the latest version of Skype on your Linux consists of accessing the official Skype website. Then click the blue button and choose ‘Get Skype for Linux DEB’ if you use Debian or Ubuntu, ‘Get Skype for Linux RPM’ for Fedora or ‘Get Skype for Linux SNAP’ compatible with any Linux distribution.

What is the procedure to install Skype on my PC?

The procedure to install Skype on your PC will depend on the operating system distribution what does your computer have. Therefore, you must download the package from the Skype website and then proceed to install those packages to add all the dependencies and libraries that the application requires.

download skype on windows operating system

If you have Ubuntu or Debian

If you have Ubuntu or Debian, it is recommended that you choose the option ‘Get Skype for Linux DEB’. Next, go to the ‘Downloads’ directory and open the .deb extension package via Linux system package manager and hit the ‘OK’ button.

You can download the package and enter a terminal window or install Hyper-Terminal for Ubuntu. Go to the ‘Downloads’ directory with the command cd ~ / Downloads and press ‘Enter’. There, you will be able to use the ‘DPKG’ installation tool. Write sudo dpkg -i skypeforlinux-64.deb so that DPKG load the Skype app in the operating system.

Errors may occur during the read and unpack process before all dependencies and libraries are installed. If this happens, you will have to correct the failure. Next, write the syntax ‘sudo apt install -f’ (without quotes). In this way, you can start the installation process Skype on Linux Ubuntu or Debian.

Process on Arch Linux

There are two ways to go through the installation process of Skype on Arch Linux. One way to achieve this is to use the ‘Snap Store’. First, open a terminal window and install SNAP. For this, write the git clone commands. Second, modify directory permissions with the syntax sudo chmod a + w snapd.

download skype on windows

The third step consists of accessing the directory to install Snap on your PC using the commands cd snapd && makepkg –si. Subsequently, you must enable connection between Snap and systemd Using the syntax sudo systemctl enable – now snapd.socket. Finally, restart your PC.

Now, go back to a terminal window and type the commands sudo snap install Skype. This will start the Skype installation process on your computer. In the event that an error occurs during execution, we recommend that you close the session and log in again to complete the process.

Another way to install Skype on Arch Linux is to use the user repository useful for installing programs and packages on Linux. To do this, type: git clone Access the Skype directory with the commands cd skypeforlinux-stable-bin and synchronize the dependencies with makepkg –si.

To do it in Fedora

Also, it is possible to download Skype on Linux in other distributions of this system. For example, to do it in Fedora you will have to access the Skype website and press the ‘Get Skype for Linux RPM’ button. Then enter a terminal window and type cd ~ / Downloads to access the ‘Downloads’ directory.

download skype on any linux distribution

Next, you will need the DNF tool to download the RPM and install from the URL corresponding to the application. To do this, write the syntax: sudo dnf install –y. This will load all the libraries and dependencies that Skype requires to run on Linux.

In Open SUSE

In order to download Skype in Open SUSE you must access the Skype website in order to obtain the latest version of Skype using the package download for Linux RPM. Next, enter a terminal window and type the commands cd ~ / Downloads to access this directory.

Later, use the ‘Zypper’ manager for the purpose of installing the package on your computer. To achieve this, type the commands sudo zypper install skypeforlinux-64.rpm and wait while all the items that correspond to the Skype for Linux application load. Finally, make sure you create a new Skype account and log in with it.