How to download, install and update Minecraft for Android or iOS for free step by step

Fans of the best game of the season, and it is none other than Minecraft, can enjoy this game by downloading its latest version on their PC. But many do not want to be confined to one place to enjoy their favorite video game. And therefore they want to be able to take them anywhere and this of course by means of their smartphone. And then we will tell you the steps to Download, install and update Minecraft for Android or iOS devices for free.

Many are the players who did not know that it was possible to play Minecraft from a mobile device and be able to create your fantastic worlds wherever you are. A new mobile version has simply been created, where you will have the same skills to create tools, search for objects to later enchant them or fight with different mystical creatures.

Where it will be necessary for you to have an internet signal, although it is possible that you can play Minecraft without an internet connection and without mobile data. In any case, if you want to have installed Minecraft on your smart device whether iOS or Android. You just have to continue reading this interesting tutorial that will show you step by step to achieve it.

Advantages of downloading and installing Minecraft on iOS or Android devices

It is important that you know that the version available for mobile devices has the same essence as the version for PC. So you won’t miss out on anything and gain a lot by download minecraft on your cell phone. It is important that you know that the indications that we will show you will work on both Android and iOS.

install minecraft android device

By downloading and installing the game you will be able to enjoy the same functions that the version for personal computers offers you. And from the moment you create your accounts and start the session you will have the opportunity to play in the worlds you want. But others you will have the option to play in multiplayer mode and thus play Minecraft with your friends.

Another advantage that you will have when play minecraft from your smartphone or mobile device is that you will be able to receive updates periodically. Which means that you will never miss out on the innovations or changes that are made on this platform. Keeping an eye out for the newest Minecraft has to offer will always be an advantage.

Steps to Download and Install Minecraft on Android or iOS Devices

Once we have decided download and install minecraft on our mobile device we must go to the virtual store that operates with our operating system. From there it will be that we will download the mobile version with which we will play. Therefore, if we have an Android mobile device, we will enter the Google Play Store.

In the case of having an iOS device we will enter the Apple App Store, once this step is done we will search for Minecraft. And we must follow the instructions to download and install the game on our device. This process will be carried out automatically and we wait for the process to finish before we can continue.

Now the next step is to open the App that has been installed in the application box and for this we must click on the Minecraft icon. It won’t be long before the fun begins, the next step is to enter the Microsoft data that they request, such as your username and password.

download mobile minecraft

And voilà this is all you have to do to download, install and update Minecraft on your mobile device running iOS or Android. As you can see, it is very easy to take fun and adventure anywhere. And what better way than through your smartphone or mobile device.