How to download and install the Kodi app on Android TV Box easily

You may have an Android device in your home that you use but it doesn’t have the media center capabilities you’ve always wanted. To solve this problem, you just have to install Kodi app easily and both your TV or Box will have a wider use capacity.

If you do not know how to do this process, do not worry, today we come to give you step by step how to install the Kodi app easily. Follow the steps to the letter, and soon you will be able to enjoy your Android to the fullest. Besides that, you can install Kodi on all possible brands of Smart TV with the same ease.

Download Kodi app on your Android easily

Previously, it was known by the name of XBMC but later it became Kodi. This application takes care of transform devices into a multimedia center, In other words, you can play videos, images and music in a totally new and innovative way, since its interface is quite attractive.

applications within codi

Kodi is an app that seeks to adapt to the needs of its users and therefore, so many people seek to install Kodi easily. Then you will have the first step to finally have Kodi app on your TV or Box.

The first step to easily download and install Kodi is the following: If your device is Android, you just have to go to Google play store and look for the Kodi magnifying glass. Keep in mind that there are thousands of “pirated” or copy applications, therefore, you must look for the exact one.

You can guide yourself with the photo you see at the top, since that is the original logo of the application. When you have it in view, click where it says “install” and voila, the app download will begin.

Wait for the install load to be complete and when it is finished, you will proceed to the second step to install Kodi easily.

It is likely that, when you press the download button, you will see a statement that mentions that when you install Kodi it will have access to your history and to all the applications that you keep on your device. You just have to give it to accept for it to take its course.

The first thing you should do when Kodi is finally installed on your TV or Box, is the following: Choose your language by entering the app and then the main menu, once there you will look for the nut-shaped icon and click, this is located at the top left of the screen.

When you do, you will go to another window where you will see several configuration options. Since what we want is to change the language, which is probably in English, you will click on the option it names “Interface settings” There you will see another list of options so that you can choose your language.

Easily install Kodi on your Android TV or Box

To choose the language, you must move in this way. Look at that Settings / Interface there are other options, some say skin, screensavers, etc. You will choose the one that says “Regional” since there you will be able to access several languages.

kodi on devices

When you click on regional, the option “languages” will appear, there you will find the one that suits you best if you configure it. Keep in mind that you can choose between a large number of languages, since Kodi is an app used worldwide.

If for any reason, you were unable to download e install Kodi easily on your TV or Box, or if this did not appear in the Google Play Store you can try with an APK file. Search for Kodi from the web and try to download it in APK file, or the file that is compatible with your Smart TV.

Most of the Smart TV is compatible with ARMV7A, that is to say, with APK. When you have the downloaded file, save it on a pendrive so that later you can connect it to your tv and you can use it normally. Just like you usually use other players like MegaTV Player.

Kodi is a very interesting tool that facilitates the use of all the apps, since it allows them to be seen in a single profile from a TV screen. Dare to download now use Kodi and start a new experience from your TV or Box.

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