How to download and install Google Play Store on an Alcatel One Touch

It is very common that we need a little space on our mobile or we believe that we have all the necessary applications on it and therefore, we dare to eliminate the application store, better known as the Play Store, by inertia or by mistake. Today we come to show you how to install Google Play Store on your Alcatel One Touch.

If you are one of those people who deleted it and think that your problem has no solution, then don’t worry, since you only need a few brief steps to be able to download and install Google Play Store on an Alcatel One Touch. Once you comply with all the instructions and recover this app, you will know how indispensable it is in a smartphone.

Install on my Alcatel One Touch Google Play Store

Deleting the Google Play Store is a common mistake that people make without knowing its consequences, since it is from the Store that you can download paid or free applications, in addition to getting the most recent applications there.

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Without this store, Smartphones would not be such fun gadgets and they would only work with the apps that you already have downloaded, if they have them.

And, as we mentioned at the top, updates are made from there; To this is added that if an app is failing or running in a strange way, it is best to delete it and download it again.

Knowing this, we will proceed to show you step by step how to download and install Google Play Store on an Alcatel One Touch.

You must know before starting the first step to download and install the Google Play Store that it is a easy activity to do that it does not need technicians, but it does need patience since it may seem to be a somewhat radical solution.

To have the Google Play Store back on your Alcatel One Touch we just need ‘Root’ your smartphone, Once the entire procedure is done, Play Store will appear again in your menu, so far this is the only procedure to solve this problem.

As a first step, you must do the following: Save a secure copy of all the files on your cell phone, whether they are images, audios, documents, etc. Once you have everything important saved you will go to step two.

To be able to download and install the Google Play Store on an Alcatel One Touch, you will act as follows; enter the menu of your Alcatel and look for the settings Icon, when you see it you will click with your finger and by default you will enter the settings.

Download and install Google Play Store is your Alcatel step by step

When you are there, look for an option that marks ‘backup’ or ‘make a backup’, keep in mind that this option may have similar names depending on the type of cell phone, but in the end it is the same. When you have clicked on this option, it will appear in the screen of your mobile an icon.

Surely this will mark the following: ‘restore certain values’ in the same way you will click on it. At that time your Alcatel One Touch is going to have a factory reset or a Hard Reset. When this operation is complete, your phone will be like the first time you used it.

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Enter the menu and see if Google Play Store is there, most likely it is since this application is included in most of the android phones, since it is essential to use other means.

When a factory reset Your cell phone will work faster and more efficiently because when you reset it, everything bad or unnecessary is erased and allows the Smartphone to work at 100%. Therefore, it is recommended to perform this task when your device may be frozen or have various failures.

Hope these steps helped you to download and install Google Play Store on Alcatel One Touch. And remember once again that the Play Store is essential for Smartphones, so it is not removed.