How to Download and Install Android Apps on Linux – Anbox

A Linux user must be accustomed to using shortcuts, commands and all the tools provided by their operating system in order to achieve certain advantages in it, in the case of wanting to install Android applications, you will need to get an emulator.

Being concrete, an emulator is a program that will allow you to install and open applications from a different operating system than the native one, however, most of the alternatives that are expected to have it may not be available.

How can you use Anbox to run Android apps on Linux?

Anbox is a program that allows to simulate the operating system of an Android, therefore, it is possible to download, install, run and delete a large number of applications developed on Android devices on any Linux system.

In fact, it is thanks to this program that a laptop with the Linux operating system is capable of carrying out these actions. In addition, Anbox fulfills the function of an application container and has a simple interface.

So once inside the program, applications can be installed normally and it is even possible to obtain certain services from the Play Store and use it to manage applications more easily.

How to download and install it correctly?

The first step to download it is similar to installing programs and packages in Linux from terminal with commands, so you have to go to the page, once inside, you have to click on the Install Anbox option, so that it automatically opens an informational page showing the installation commands.

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As for the installation process on the official Anbox page, it is not very different from installing any other program, so once you are on the page, go to the menu on the left, there you will see the user guide, here it is only going to limit itself to opening the guide of Installing Kernel and Anbox Snap modules, copy and paste the installation commands in the terminal and wait for the download to continue with the next command.

It is essential not to skip any commands in the Anbox user guide, on the other hand, the time needed to perform the downloads will depend on the speed of your internet connection and once you have finished the installations, you will be able to access the application as with any others you have installed.

What to do to configure it?

In order to configure Anbox, start by choosing the applications you want, do not forget to log in to the Play Store, in the event that you get the error ‘Google Play Store services has stopped’, it is because you do not have them enabled.

To resolve these errors you must run the anbox.appmg command after this sudo apt install wget lzip unzip squashfs-tools. At this point, you will only need to download and install the Play Store services, do not forget to execute these commands in the folder where the Anbox files are located.

The last step will be to run the wget https:// raw command. geeks-r-us/ anbox-playstore-installer/ master/ this command will download Google services, while the command chmod +x will allow them to be installed along with sudo . /

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To finish the procedure, proceed to execute sudo /snap/anbox/current/bin/ start, only if you encounter problems when logging in, and then restart Anbox to obtain all the functions of the Play Store, and be able to download applications like Skype on your Linux and any distribution of this system.

How can you start downloading?

There are two specific methods to download applications through Anbox, namely, through the Play Store where a large number of incompatibilities are avoided at the time of installation, and the method through APK files.

  • PlayStore: Installation is as simple as entering your account and searching for the application you want, the vast majority will be downloadable and another percentage will not be found or will not be able to run.
  • APK files: Although downloads through APK files will be easy to do through the terminal, since the installation of the file must only be executed with the command sudo adb install x.apk and the application would already be in the Anbox container .

However, it is possible that your device cannot support the installation of such files, so it is recommended to use the Play Store, and also avoid exposing the device to the risks of downloading APK files from unknown websites.

What other emulators can you use to download Google Play Store on Linux?

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At present, a large number of Android emulators for Linux have been launched, with the intention of establishing competition in the market, even so, all of these fulfill the same function, that is, they allow Google Play to be installed in one way or another. store.

Some emulators have a greater recognition for their optimization, option and design, as can be the case with programs like Genymotion whose design is extremely striking among all the emulators, or Bliss, which is an open source project that is very easy to customize.

To end, Jar of Bean is found, which in its version for Linux can install applications from the Play Store as if they were native to your device. Each emulator has its differences and it is essential to understand which one best suits your needs and the possibilities of your computer.

Where to find the most reliable download source?

Without a doubt the most reliable application download method among emulators it will always be play storeHowever, keep in mind that certain applications will not be available and many others will not be compatible with your device.

In that case, you can opt for the second method, accepting the risk of downloading applications from unofficial websites, since that’s where APKs are obtained, although not everything is bad, there are sites that try to have a certain margin of safety.

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