How to do to put voice to a text in TikTok video? – Do it yourself

Currently, the TikTok social network is one of the applications with the most demands among all young and older users, since it is a platform where it has a very varied content. If your thing is to grow in networks or generate content, TikTok has an algorithm with which you can reach a large number of views and/or followers, but this leads to create varied and updated content with all the tools that the app itself offers, here we will show you how to use one of them.

How is text to speech used for TikTok?

To be able to use the text to speech you just have to follow a few simple steps, the first thing you have to do is start by recording a video after this, attach a text, but before publishing the video, once you have added the text at the top you can run the box that says text to finally configure the text to speech tool. Another fact that you should know is how to save drafts to gallery in my TikTok.

What to do so that the text placed in a TikTok is read?

The text-to-speech tool has become so viral due to its demand and its dynamism in videos, but many lack the knowledge of how to use it or what to do to activate the tool in the famous app. Here we will guide you to execute it successfully.

video editing tools

  • Open the TikTok app from your mobile
  • Select the + symbol that is located at the bottom in the entire center
  • Start by recording a video, holding the red button at the bottom
  • Once the video is recorded from the TikTok application, you will have to select the little arrow next to the red button
  • Now you will be in the part of video editingwhere will be the point at which you add the text
  • You will select in the lower left the icon that says (Aa)
  • Write what you want TikTok to say out loud, after you have written click on the top right where it says (done) or (next).
  • With the text ready, you must select or press it, causing different options to be displayed on your screen
  • You will choose the one that says Text to speech, let TikTok analyze the text, once this is done, the platform will read it aloud and you will only have to give it where it says next or done.
  • Finish the process, you just have to upload your video or leave it in drafts and then upload it to the platform whenever you want.edit tiktok video

What is the requirement for text to be read in a video?

As such, there is no requirement that you must follow for the text-to-speech tool to work, but you can have certain things up to date for it to work 100%. To start, you must have the updated app, since this functionality is relatively new, then you have to be clear about it. Now we will provide you with some information so that you can start using this tool.

how to put text in a video

  • Sign in to the app from your phone.
  • Once you have opened the application on the main page, you will have to go to the bottom on the right side where it says (me).
  • After having selected where it says (me) your profile will appear and there you only have to select the three small points that are vertically.
  • Once this is done you will be in (settings and privacy) here you will just execute the option that says (application language).
  • Choose the language of your preference.

What are the disadvantages of using this method in your content?

The reality is that by using this tool in your content there would be no no disadvantage, since it would make your content much more dynamic and entertaining, due to the fact that this is what the app is really looking for, to generate digestible and dynamic content with all its users when they enter the app. Using this tool can be a very useful method when it comes to people seeing the content you generate and unless your video is viral, you can see how to delete videos within TikTok.

What are the repercussions of changing the language of your application?

Many users of different platforms tend to change their native language for one that may sound much more interesting or if they are learning a language, the most common repercussions when you change the language in the application or mobile is that possibly also change the town or area, without taking into account that you have the location of your mobile available for the application. With greater reach it may be more usual to see different negative comments, check how to report offensive comments on videos.