How to divert calls on Android

How to divert calls on Android. Sometimes we receive calls on our phone, but we may be busy with some important things that we do on the phone and we cannot answer calls through this phone. There are some available methods that can be used in this case, and we will provide you with an explanation of these The methods are detailed, so that we can get the method of diverting calls in Android.

How to divert calls on Android

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How to divert calls on Android

There are many services that you may not have heard of before, and among these services is this service through which you can learn how to transfer calls in Android, and this service is very important for many users, and there are many ways for this service that we will provide In this explanation, we will highlight the two most important methods:

  1. First method:

It is the traditional method through the phone and without any programs:

  • First you open the phone app.
  • You click on the three dots above.
  • You click on the option to transfer calls.
  • You type the number you want to forward calls to when you want at any time.

And if you want to go back or change the number or even want to receive calls on your phone again, you can do all these steps and in the last step you click on the option to disable the transfer, and then you will receive the calls again.

  1. Second method:

If you did not adjust with the first method, you can continue to explain this second method, through which we will explain some of the applications that allow users this service in distinct ways and with ease, so continue explaining these applications and we know that you will certainly benefit greatly from them and will provide an optimal solution for How to transfer calls on Android:

Simple Call Forwarding App

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This application is one of the most important existing applications that can provide you with the best way to transfer calls in Android. In just a few steps we can transfer calls to another phone.

With a single click through this application, you can get this service, but you only need to choose the mobile operator, and then add the phone number to which you want to transfer calls, and then you can make calls through the added number.

Application features

  • It is considered one of the best applications in this field, among the services and features it provides.
  • With only two steps, you can complete the download process.
  • The application does not contain annoying ads.

So if you want to download this special application only, you will need to pay ten pounds in order to get all the services of the application, and you can get the application through this Link.

Call Forwarding App

If you need another application that provides this service successfully, you can get this distinguished application, the first application that is with us in the explanation is not available in the State of Egypt, so if you are from the Arab Republic of Egypt, you will need this application because it supports all Arab and foreign countries.

This application can make the necessary and correct settings for all mobile operators available throughout the Arab world.

The application is able to choose from the contacts on the phone the appropriate number to which the calls will be transferred, and the application has a number of developers to update the application in short periods and add features every period.

  • Application features:
  • The application offers a very impressive performance in this service.
  • It is available free of charge.
  • Available for all Android devices.
  • The size of the application is small.

If you want to get this special application you can get it through this Link Directly and benefit greatly through the services and features offered by this wonderful application.

Forward My Calls app

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It is one of the excellent and free applications that provides a service and provides a method for transferring calls in Android, and although this application is free, it offers this service in a very excellent manner, with a very sophisticated performance, and the program has many wonderful features, the most important of which is that the program is free and offers a method of call transfer service in Android, and has great features, including:

  • The application is free.
  • It works on all Android phones.
  • Offers a method for diverting calls in Android.
  • Great user interface.
  • In just two steps, the program offers this service.
  • The app does not contain any annoying ads.

You can get this program through this Link Directly without any problems you face during the download and the program is considered one of the best free programs that provide this service.

How to control calls

In telephony, call control refers to the software within the telephone exchange that provides its central function. Call control deconstructs information and routes phone calls from one endpoint to another, and has features that can be used to adapt the standard switching process to users’ needs. These additional services are called additional services and are usually called by a vertical service code. Examples include call waiting and Call forwarding busy etc:

  • Call control software, because of its central place in the operation of the telephone network, is characterized by both complexity and reliability. Call control systems typically require several thousand years of people in development, will contain millions of lines of high-level code, however, and they must meet the reliability requirements that She set the switching time for only a few minutes in forty years.
  • The required functionality and reliability of call control is a major challenge for VoIP systems. VoIP systems rely on Internet standards and technologies that have not previously attempted to meet such complex and demanding requirements as those that define call control. An alternative name often used is call handling.
  • In a VoIP network, call control is one of three main categories of communications traffic, the other two being call signals and media communications. Call Control uses Q.931, a communication protocol for digital networks, especially VoIP systems. Messages are sent in eight groups as defined in ITU-H.245, which resolve the type of communication media to be used (eg, conventional, group video calling or VoIP), and then manage the connection after it has been established. The call control functions include, but are not limited to, primary/secondary endpoint status determination, endpoint status monitoring, endpoint status monitoring, connection parameter modification, call termination, and restart of a terminated or failed call.

Through this explanation, we were able to learn how to convert calls In Android, there are two ways and we have explained the two methods, so if you need a way to transfer calls in Android, you can follow the explanation and you will benefit from it, God willing.

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