How to disable ‘Pop-up’ blocker in Microsoft Edge?

surfing the internet is easy to find lots of malicious pages that try to harm the device that visits them. That is why browsers usually block pop-up windows as a defense mechanism against any potential threat.

The drawback with this is that sometimes these pop-up windows do not open by mistake despite not contain any malicious content, because the browser also blocks them. In this article you will find the solution to this problem in the little known Microsoft Edge browser.

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What steps should you follow to disable the pop-up blocker?

To activate or deactivate the pop-up blocker in the Microsoft Edge browser, simply go to the browser’s configuration menu and modify the section of Pop-ups and redirects within it. Enabling or disabling pop-up windows is something that can also be done in Google Chrome following an equally simple process. In the case of doing it in the Microsoft browser, the process is very similar regardless of the device or operating system that is being used:

If you have Windows

The first thing is to open a new tab in the browser and enter the configuration menu from it. To find the configuration menu, you must click on the three points located in the upper right corner of the window and in the displayed menu click on Configuration.

Once in the configuration menu, you have to Go to the Permissions section of the site and select Pop-ups and Redirects. Once there, it only remains to deactivate this function to re-enable pop-up windows.

If you are using the Microsoft Edge browser on another operating system like for example Linux or Mac OS, the procedure to follow will be exactly the same. Since the browser user interface will be exactly the same as any other operating system, no additional steps are necessary.

Mobile device

In the case of the version for mobile devices (either an Android device or an Apple device), the configuration section that must be accessed is slightly different from the desktop version of the browser (although the procedure will be just as simple).

You must open the browser on the mobile device and enter its configuration section from the menu. Once inside the browser configuration section, go to the Site Configuration section. The last step is to choose Pop-ups and redirects option and set it to allowed.

How can you re-enable your pop-up blocker in Microsoft Edge?

To re-enable the pop-up blocker, simply go to the aforementioned section and activate the blocker. This can be done at any time and the change should take effect immediately, however the blocker may have some bugs and will not turn on or off regardless of how it is configured.

For added security, it’s a good idea to block websites in Windows to avoid visiting websites that are already known to contain malicious content. That way, you can navigate without worries by pop-ups that can infect the device with malware.

What to do if the blocker cannot be activated or deactivated?

In the case of problems with the pop-up blocker, there are several solutions that can be applied: first, check if you are using the most recent version of the browser and update if not.

It is also important to check that there is no malware infecting the device. Yes recently installed browser extensionsdisable them and try again to rule out any conflicts with any extensions.

By last, block third-party cookies or clear the browser’s cache to eliminate any type of conflict that may be generated with the browser’s pop-up blocker.

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The tool to block pop-ups is available and necessary not only in Microsoft Edge, but in any web browser. However, it can be problematic for some tasks, even though this function exists mainly as a mechanism to protect users. The best advice that can be given to anyone surfing the internet who wants to disable this feature is to surf on official sites and stay away from suspicious websites that may be responsible for distributing malware.