How to detect if my Nintendo Switch OLED does not charge? – Fast solutions

If you have asked yourself how can I detect if my Nintendo Switch is not charging? Well, in this article we will mention everything you need to know not only to detect the problem, but to solve it in a few minutes.

It is important to mention that this type of problem can be avoided if we keep our device charged. In most cases they tend to be expected to be heavily discharged and that is when this type of inconvenience occurs, below we will tell you everything in detail.

Where does the charging indicator appear on a Nintendo Switch OLED?

To see the charge indicator of your Nintendo switch in its OLED version, what you will have to do is turn it on and look at the loading bar. This is completely the same as what you would do from a cell phone, so it is something really easy.

detect switch load malfunction

On the other hand, if the Nintendo is completely discharged, what you will have to do is hold the power button to see the percentage. In this case it will logically appear that the battery is completely discharged. It should be noted that the latter should not be done many times if we want preserve the state of our Nintendo, it is never good to let the console download to such an extent.

What is the correct way to charge your Nintendo Switch OLED?

It is important to mention that these consoles, like most of the current portable devices, they carry a lithium battery. Which is very useful especially for its long duration. In addition, these batteries are very easily replaceable because today they are a standard in the industry.

With this in mind, it is important to know how to charge them to avoid premature deterioration. In this case, the recommendations are simple and applicable to other devices such as controls, telephones or other consoles like that. The best is have the device charging for at least two hours. After this, if the 90% load has not yet been exceeded, it can be left a while longer. It is important not to exceed the charging time or leave them for a long time when they have reached 100%.

We say this, because even though modern devices have measures to prevent overloading, in many cases this can fail. For this reason, it is best to be cautious from the beginning.

What should you do if your Nintendo Switch OLED is not charging?

If you see that your console does not start to load and simply when connecting the charger nothing happens, then you have to go through some steps to fix this as quickly as possible before it shuts down completely.

From DNS settings

If you enter configuration you must verify that there is none weird option enabledYou can also reset the console settings. This especially if someone else had access to it and could have touched something.

nintendo switch does not charge

As an extra you can always verify that the console has the latest version of the system installed in order to have the best support from the company. If you have problems with the language you can also change it quickly.

Turning off your console

Another method you can use is to shut down your console manually. By doing this with it connected to the charger, It should turn on the screen indicating that it has started to load. This can tell us that the problem is with the system or simply the console could not start loading into the system, perhaps due to a momentary error.

With two-step methods

Finally and perhaps the most interesting method is to do a reset by means of the buttons, in this way some important settings of the console will be restored and everything that has to do with the software will remain as factory. It is worth mentioning that for this it is important that you have your files backed up.

To do this, the first thing we will have to do is hold the power button for at least 15 seconds. Enough time for the console to be forced off, after this you will have to release the button and use it again. This will turn the console back on and the problem should be fixed.

It is important not to do this while a file is being copied or while playing a game to avoid losing data.

Is it possible to repair the charging center of your Nintendo Switch easily?

The short answer to this is no, repairing a load center in Nintendo switch just as in any other console you need technical knowledge. This mainly because there are several components that may have been affected and that are responsible for the lack of load of the console.

no charge on nintendo switch

In most cases, and especially due to bad habits when using the console, the loading port it can be damaged or internally lose some filament. In this case, a technician can quickly change the port for a new one and the problem would be solved.

However, there is another type of damage that is more related to an electrical problem caused by a current variation or damage to the charger. In these cases, a thorough study of the components must be made to detect short circuits or current leaks.