How to detect if an APK is infected by malware or other malicious software

There are many people who download programs or APK files, if however they do not know that they can be infected by viruses. That is why this article will tell you how you can detect if the APK is safe or not, and so on avoid failures in our devices that make us have a hard time.

What kind of damage can altered APKs cause on our computer or cell phone?

When downloading a program or APK file that is infected by a malware or other malicious software, This can cause alterations or damage to our devices, whether computers or phones, and here we will tell you more specifically what those damages are.

With malware

If your phone or computer is infected by malware software, it can cause some failures in the software of said device, Among them we have the following: Malware may erase some data or information from the computer or phone, the applications on the phones will present failures, if you are inside one it may suddenly collapse and go to the start menu, and finally the computer or phone will run much slower.

computer infected with malware

With adware

And in case your phone or computer get infected by adware, It is not so worrying, but it is something very tedious. The purpose of this software is not to damage devices because it is based on getting into your phone or computer and starting to show advertising while you surf the Internet or when you run a program. Adware reaches such a point that they can change the advertising of a web page for another one of the same creators and in this way have more benefits.

How can you identify if the APK is 100% original?

The failures or damages that your phone or computer can present if it becomes infected by malware or other malicious software and therefore when downloading an APK We will tell you how you can verify that it is 100% original.

Has the App signature

The first is to check if it contains the application signature, this is because all applications must contain the creator’s signature. If an application is modified it will no longer be able to have the original signature, so to verify said signature you can do it through APK Pure, this is very useful when downloading an APK from a source that is not very reliable. To use it just go to the aforementioned APK buyer.

It comes from an official page

The second option to detect that an APK file is 100% original is to verify that when downloading it either from the official page in order to avoid inconveniences.

detect infected apk

What are the best digital tools to detect the authenticity of an APK?

The formats or APK files are usually handled frequently by people and especially to download applications however many times, as we have already mentioned, these files come with some type of virus. And that is why here we will tell you some very useful tools to be 100% sure that it does not come with malicious software.

APK Pure

This will tell you if the APK signature is false and to use it is very simple you just have to go to its official website. Upload the APK of which you have doubts to that page and then wait for us to analyze it. Then APK Pure will tell you if the signature matches that of the original application. If so, you can download it with the same confidence that you would if you downloaded it through the Play Store.

It should be noted that even if the signature is authentic it is still you run the risk of being able to download malicious software. Since there are some times it sneaks through the Play Store itself, of course this happens very little, but that is why we will leave you another tool with which you can get rid of all your doubts.

Total Virus

The second tool with which you can get rid of all your doubts and checking that an APK is free of any malicious software is called Total Virus. This platform is highly recommended, since it has a database of more than 70 antivirus, which allows no virus to escape. Besides, this tool has an advantage and that is that it will not be necessary to download anything on our devices, since it can be used only with the browser.

total virus application

To use it is very simple and only you must follow these small steps:

  1. Go to a browser and open the official page of Virus Total.
  2. Once there, select the tab that says files.
  3. Then click on analyze.
  4. Then just wait a few seconds for the tool to complete the scan.

Ready then Virus Total will tell you if the APK you want to install is safe or notIn case of getting infected, it is best not to download the APK to avoid bad times.

What safer alternative do we have for downloading programs by APK?

Then we will leave you other alternatives for you to download APK programs without these coming with malicious software.

Use Google Play Store

In the event that your device has an Android operating system, it is best to download the APK programs from the Play Store, as there are the originals.

App Store

And for those people who have iOS devices and want to download APK programs, the best thing would be to also use the official store in this case the App Store.

Microsoft Store

And in case you have a Windows 10 personal computer, here you must use Microsoft Store to download APK programs.

Other official stores

Finally, if you are going to download the APK from a browser, it is best to verify that it is from official pages or stores.

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