How to detect fake apps in Android Play Store? – Avoid malware

When you go to download a new application to your Android device, you must be very careful, because although the platform constantly cleans up fake applications, there will always be malicious people creating these lures to introduce Malware and steal information from its victims, so it is essential that you learn to detect the main characteristics of a fake App in the Play Store, discard it and report it to the Google team.

What traits do fake Play Store apps have?

It is essential that you take into account some suspicious features that will be indicators that an app on the play store can be a scambecause although fake applications are usually replicas of the original ones, they always have details that differentiate them in their image or composition.

identify fake apps android play store

Therefore, do not trust miraculous promises to save battery, clean phone or suspicious discounts for use. Read the comments made by other users and take a good look at the interface of the App, because you will be able to identify these fake applications before or after having installed them, depending on their characteristics, as we indicate below:

Before your installation

When you are about to download an application in the Play Store you must be very cautious from before installing it, since there are circumstances that are usually quite suspicious, such as the ones indicated below:

  • Request for many permissions and access to your personal information or access to other installed applications that may not be related to the type of App you are downloading.
  • Verifying the data of the developer of the App and determining if it seems reliable, including consulting the comments that there are about it.
  • Do not fully trust the stars that the application or the number of positive commentssince it can happen that the company buys good references as it happens with some Instagram influencers who buy fake followers to give their accounts an aspect of credibility.
  • Make sure that the appearance is reliable, because sometimes they are replicas of the real App and may have differentiating characteristics In its inconspicuous image, be it a letter in the title that differentiates it from the official name of the application, some suspicious number or a misspelled word.

prevent malware fake apps play store

Already installed on device

Some malicious developers manage to trick us with their fake applications, because they design them in such a believable way that we can fall into the trap. In that case we have to discover how to recognize that the application is fake after having installed it and this can be detected like this:

  • Take a good look at the interface of the App, because if it is a copy of the real one, it will not look so similar when it is inside your phone.
  • Your Android device may get out of control, run slow and heavy, or even shut down or reboot itself due to the Malware that was possibly infiltrated.
  • Not all of these Apps are seeded for the purpose of introducing worms, but also they seek to spread publicity or a simple access to certain Web pages, as occurs when you receive Spam messages in your Gmail accounts or other emails, so if you see excessive advertising within them, it is a characteristic that you may be facing a fake App.
  • The best thing you can do when suspecting or verifying that the App you installed is fake is remove it from your android deviceclean your phone to remove any malware or proceed to perform a factory reset.

How to see a review of an application in the Android Play Store?

When you want to make sure that the application that you are going to download to install it on your Android phone is genuine, you have to enter the official Play Store platform and check app review that you are going to install, because you know that it is not enough to review the evaluation that other users have made of the App, through different types of opinions.

detect fake apps android play store

For this reason, Play Store offers you access to the application’s review history by clicking on the review menu and pressing the option called See change history to observe the changes. modifications that have been made to the review of the applicationgranting you one more level of confidence before installing it, detecting if there is any suspicious anomaly or inconsistency in the review reflected there.

What are the consequences of installing a fake app?

The danger you run by installing a fake application is imminent, since they come loaded with junk content that will infect your mobile device. Malware infiltrated in applications have the purpose of steal your personal dataemail addresses or phone number so that later you are a victim of Phishing through your Gmail account or other platforms.

Your data can be sold on the black market to malicious hackers who will do you a lot of damage from the web. On the other hand, if the fake app you downloaded is just for the purpose of supplying advertising and direct you to their web pages to earn money, it is possible that your phone in a short time will be saturated with cache memory, causing a collapse in its operation.

detect fake apps play store

How to repost a fake app on the Play Store?

If you have been the victim of any of the scammers who create fake applications to offer them within the Play Store, it is essential that complaints to the Google team In order to prevent them from continuing to affect other people with their tricks, to repost a fake application do the following:

  1. Go to Google Play and open the application you want to report officially.
  2. Press the three dots at the top of the screen to see different options and select Mark as inappropriate.
  3. Add the reason why you file the complaint by choosing from the options presented there.
  4. Finally, you must click on the send button to open a box where you will have the opportunity to write much more specific details of your well-motivated complaint and send it so that the Google team can take the corresponding measures.