How to delete your payment details in the Google Play account? – Complete process

Google’s application store, Play Store, allows users to download applications and download free content. But through a form of payment, it is possible have access to exclusive content and pay for what we want to have, from any application, rent or buy movies, books and many other options that it is only possible to have if you pay for it.

However, registering with your credit card or bank account is extremely simple to do, but it is very important that you know how to delete that information to avoid being charged something additional or without your authorization. In this sense, we will explain it to you so that you can unlink the your account details in Play Store safely and correctly.

Where can you see your banking information or Google Play payment information?

Depending on the device you are using, there are different methods that are used for you to enter to see the payment information that you have registered in your Play Store account. If you are from the computer, open a new tab and the icon of the nine points organized in 3×3 that are in the right corner, there you will see google tools and search the app store.

enter the play store from the browser

When the page loads, you go to the main menu that appears on the left side of the screen. At the bottom you will see an option that says account, you must press there and more alternatives will open to you. Then there click on the payment methods, within this option you will see the information regarding the data that you have registered there on the platform.

On the other hand, on Android phones the process is a little different from the one described above. When you open the app on your cell phone, you must click on the icon where your name or the initial of the registered email appears (top right), here click on payments and subscriptions and then go to the payment methods section and that is where the information of your accounts will be reflected.

How can you edit your payment methods on Google Play?

For you to edit information about your payment method in the Play Store is a bit simple, but it takes a while to execute since the steps require your attention, especially the last ones, so that make no mistakes and the editing is done effectively. Follow the steps that we will give you to carry out this action.

Android operating system

  • Open the Google Play application on your device.
  • Go to your account icon and in it you go to payments and subscriptions.
  • Then choose payment methods and within it you will see three vertical points in the upper corner, you must press there and then on payment settings.
  • You will be asked to access Google Play (where you can add cards), click on this option to open a new window.
  • Look for the information to modify, keep it pressed and press edit.
  • At this point, you must put the relevant information to the (check and confirm what you copy there) and finish the process by clicking on update.

What should you do to unlink your credit card from your cell phone?

In case you no longer want to have your card linked to the Google Play account, it is necessary that you carry out another procedure for this purpose. However, the applications of banks facilitate the process As well as doing it from the Play Store, here we provide you with information on how you can do it from both media.

From your bank’s application

When you go to unlink your card it is possible that you do it through the application of the bank you have. To do this, you must enter the financial institution’s app, then go to records or payments that appear in the menu, most of the time in the left sidebar of the screen.

android mobile with play store

There you will see your card and its link with online purchases (highlighting that it is done on Google Play). Select there is alternative and then click on delete payment method, You accept the conditions that the bank places and voila, it will be effectively erased.

Directly on Google Play

If you do it directly in the Play Store application, it is much easier and more practical for you to do it. To start, open the app store or download it to your mobile and go to your profile, then go to the payments and subscriptions section, then you enter the payment methods and finally open Google Play. You select the account that you no longer want to have registered, click on remove, confirm and that’s it.

What is the procedure to remove your payment method from the account on Google Play?

Similar to the way of unlinking that was described to you in the previous paragraph, this is how you manage to completely eliminate any payment method that you have registered in your Play Store. You just have to enter the app and go to the payment methods, when you are there, just look for the account you want to delete. Finally, the hold down and click delete, then it comes out for you to confirm and permanently delete said account.