How to delete the WhatsApp statuses that I already saw? – Organizing your account

Viewing WhatsApp statuses is one of the most effective forms of social network interaction. However, sometimes the 24-hour duration of the same is long and your account can be saturated with your own and foreign states, then it is time to delete the WhatsApp statuses that you have already seen to keep your social network organized by eliminating, hiding and silencing these statuses as you will see below.

What should you do to discard a status from your list on WhatsApp?

Sharing statuses on WhatsApp has become one of the most innovative forms of interaction on the social network, as these, like Instagram stories, last 24 hours, unless you decide dismiss it from your list ahead of time and proceed to delete it, for that reason the application allows you to organize your account, configure the privacy of your statuses and delete them whenever you want from any of your devices.

delete viewed status whatsapp

From the Android or iPhone mobile application

When you have published a status on WhatsApp you can immediately see at the bottom of the image the icon of an eye accompanied by a number that quantify visualizations that it has had the aforementioned status, in that sense if you feel that enough people have seen it or you have regretted having published it, you can proceed to delete it.

For this reason, discarding a status from your WhatsApp list is a possibility offered by the application to organize your account, whether personal or business, while you see the new status of your WhatsApp contacts and determine when you feel like you’ve had enough visualizations in yours to proceed to delete the status and place a different one without saturating the panel of your stories, for this you can try to do what we will indicate below:

  1. From your mobile device open your WhatsApp application and go to the zone of the states.
  2. Press the My status line and you will see the publications you have made in the last 24 hours.
  3. Now you can open the image, enter to see the visualizations by pressing the eye icon at the bottom and there you will note who saw the story proceed to discard it by clicking on the trash can icon to delete the story after being viewed.
  4. You can also remove the states from your list by pressing the three dots that you will see on the right side of it to choose the delete option.
  5. In the case that you want to delete several states at the same time, you just have to hold down one until it is shaded and proceed to select the others to finally delete them.

delete published whatsapp statuses

If you connect from the web version?

In principle, from the Web version of WhatsApp, you are only allowed to observe the states with the limitation of not being able to publish them, however, the world of social media is full of tricks Like the ones you implement to see WhatsApp statuses without them noticing, there is also the possibility of publishing statuses from the Web version with the use of external Google extensions that allows the publication of statuses on WhatsApp Web.

For that reason, you should bear in mind that when you decide to discard a WhatsApp status from its Web version, you are also deleting it from your phone, because one is a reflection of the other, so when you enter your states and execute the action to delete the state by moving the computer cursor to the options of the published states, you will automatically delete it from your entire account on the social network.

How can you configure the removal of already seen statuses automatically?

Once you have seen a WhatsApp status of any of your contacts, it will automatically be positioned at the bottom of the panel in a list of views, but the application does not yet present an option to remove them definitively, there is only the possibility of deleting it from your device’s storage or silencing the contact so that you no longer see their status.

delete viewed whatsapp status

With the WhatsApp application

Using the WhatsApp application updated with its most recent version, you can proceed to mute contact statuses you want or by deleting the media file from the phone storage in the way that we will mention shortly.

If you want mute the statuses of a contact To see them, but keep them hidden and disappear automatically, follow these steps:

  1. Press and hold the update made until a box appears asking if you want to silence the statuses of that contact.
  2. The notice will warn you that the statuses of that contact will no longer appear in recent updates.
  3. Immediately these states will be filed in a list of silenced that you will find at the end of the panel, below the seen states. There you can locate them, see them, but they will not be shown to the naked eye in the application.

In case you want remove posts from storage made by your contacts in their states so that it does not continue to be saved on your mobile device you must do this:

  1. Go to the phone storage, then go to the WhatsApp folder and select the Media option where you will get another folder called WhatsApp Status.
  2. Proceed to delete the states you want to delete among those that have been saved there.
  3. Now go back to the application and you will see that the published status continues to appear, however, if you try to open it, you will be shown a warning that indicates that the multimedia file no longer exists on your device, so you will have deleted the status after viewing it.

delete status whatsapp web

From WhatsApp Web

WhatsApp Web has always been a somewhat limited tool in terms of the possibilities of carrying out actions or important changes in the social network, as it is only a mirror of the application on your device, you can see the statuses, but not post new ones, much less delete it, you can only proceed to silence them so that they are hidden in the file of the silenced by just clicking on the status options and selecting the option to silence the status of a certain contact.