How to delete my bank details on Nintendo Switch OLED? – Personal Settings

If every time they make a purchase in the eShop the saved card appears and they want to delete it or change the card, or it happens that they get an error when buying with the card already registered. In this article you will discover how solve this problem, we are going to eliminate the credit card or change the data of the same in the Nintendo eShop account and thus solve your doubts about how to use other different payment methods.

Where can you see your payment information on Nintendo Switch OLED?

The Nintendo Switch OLED Store Offers various forms of shopping of video games and downloadable content for our console. Payment methods include using a credit or debit card, an eShop Card, or a PayPal account. You fill in the bank details on your eShop Switch and when you buy a game you just have to enter your Nintendo password to pay. To see your Payment information you just have to follow these steps:

  • When using the Nintendo Switch you have previously created a Nintendo account, we go to the HOME Menu. Then we will select the store icon, and choose the user from whom you want to obtain the information.
  • On the right side of the screen, in the upper corner you select your user icon and there we can see the your account payment information.

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What should you do to delete your banking information from Nintendo?

Every time you buy a game from the Nintendo eShop your bank details are saved in your user profile information. To delete this information you must do the following:

  • We enter the Nintendo eShop from the main menu of the console. Now inside we will click on the profile icon of the user that we want to modify.
  • We will click on our user profile, on the right side of the screen we will distinguish the option ´credit card details´, we click on ´Delete´ to delete the data. Finally confirm ´Delete´ and your credit card will be removed

What is the procedure to edit your registered bank details?

We click on the Nintendo store icon from the Switch OLED console in your HOME Menu, we will access the user account where you saved the card with the bank details you want to editIn the icon on the right where your profile appears you will click, where it says credit card details, we will click on ‘Modify’ and it will give us the option to add a new credit card.

Now we will confirm and it will show us a message where it tells us that will delete the data from our previous card, we click on accept and voila, you can enter the new data for the new card with which you want to buy the video game in the Nintendo store.

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Remember that you must add a credit card that allow shopping abroad. For Latin America they request additional information, such as residence address, identity document or postal code. These data are usually only necessary to generate a purchase record. In some countries taxes may applyTherefore, it is necessary to use real data to avoid any rejection of your purchase. Regardless of the information provided, it will be linked to your account.

How to add a new payment method other than credit or debit card?

The Nintendo eShop has 2 different options to your credit or debit card to add funds to your store account for online purchases. These are to pay with PayPal or with an eShop Card. To pay with PayPal:

  • We entered the Nintendo eShop from Main menu, Inside we will click on the icon of the user profile that we want to use for the purchase
  • We will click on our user profile, on the right side of the screen we will distinguish the option to add funds. We select the PayPal option, before you must have logged into your PayPal account. We must link the PayPal account to your Nintendo eShop account to add funds or make purchases
  • You select ‘Send Mail’ and a message will be sent to the address of registered email in your Nintendo eShop account with the instructions you must follow to complete the linking process. To pay with the Nintendo eShop Card:
  • We enter the Nintendo eShop from the HOME menu of the console, inside we will click on the profile icon of the user from which we want to make the purchase.
  • We will click on our user profile, on the right side of the screen we will distinguish the option of add funds. We select the Nintendo eShop Card option, Redeem code. Enter the 16 character code and click confirm.

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We recommend that when add funds to your Nintendo account pay the full value of the games and do not pay funds to the store since promotions or offers are not the same in all stores. And by having a positive fund Nintendo eShop will not let you change country or region until you spend the balance completely, that is, it is at zero.

Finally, Nintendo has suffered cyber attacks that have exposed many user accounts and therefore their bank details, so we urge you to activate the 2-step verification to protect your account, this may generate a little delay in your purchases but you will avoid theft and headaches in the future.