How to delete Gmail emails from my iPhone?

For iOS users open your Gmail email is not a complicated process, since the mobile initially brings the application where you can open your mail directly, even if it is not the official Gmail application, you can open your mail in it. Like Gmail, the original app of the iOS system also has the service of other platforms.

What should you do to access your Gmail account from the iPhone?

If you do not have a Gmail account or you have lost your old email, learn how to create a new Gmail email in another order of ideas, to be able to access your Gmail account from your iPhone is quite simple, since as we have said previously the system operative iOS offers a Mail app on its platform where you can log in quickly. You will only have to access your data and activate with a special code in order to start using the Mail app.

Downloading the Gmail app

  • The main thing is that you have downloaded the Gmail app correctly.
  • Consequently, open the application.
  • Choose the emails, to be able to do this you must press the image or a sending letter that appears in a circular way next to each message.

If at the end of the cleaning of your inbox, you want completely empty your trash from all these emails you do not want, apply the following guidelines:

  • Open or sign in to Gmail.
  • At the top left, choose the menu option.
  • After this, just press where it says trash and then where it is to empty the trash right now.

With iOS Mail

Nothing more you must start session in the application of Mail and then select in the upper right hand corner where it says edit. In this way you will continue to choose the emails that you no longer want. Remember that if you want to permanently delete these emails, just go to settings to access the trash and finally execute the option to empty the trash.

What is the procedure to delete a Gmail message?

You just have to cautiously manage your inbox where all emails that enter directly are stored, without taking into account the emails that enter as unwanted or spam. Here are the instructions to be able to easily delete any mail that you do not want to see in your main inbox or inbox.

  • Start by opening the Mail app on your device
  • Tap edit at the top right, where it says edit.
  • Press delete or archive, depending on what you want: an easier way of this process is to simply swipe to the left the email you are looking to delete or archive and when you perform this gesture, different options such as delete or archive will appear next to it. .

The processes to delete a message or email are somewhat simple, although it is more complicated to delete your Gmail history, so you should know how to delete my Gmail history.

In what way can you delete all emails from your account en masse?

Remove the messages from your iPhone It can be done through basic gestures or the oldest and most common way, managing your inbox manually in the same way, being you the one who chooses how many or which ones, in the same way knowing how to delete all my unread emails. Here we will give you at your power, the steps to be able to delete said messages or emails.

  • You must open the Mail app in order to go to your inbox.
  • Select at the top right (edit) in this way to start deleting the mail you want or start choosing together the spam that you have in your mailbox.
  • Touch where it says delete or archive (if this is what you want) keep selected and finally delete what you have chosen.