How to Delete, Edit, Recover and Forward Telegram Messages – Definitive Guide

Instant messaging services have become popular in recent times thanks to the way the internet has cut distances with the whole world, so it is increasingly important to have a tool to communicate easily with anyone for personal or work reasons, with an internet connection.

The most widely used instant messaging application today is WhatsApp. However, due to the security concerns that have arisen recently regarding it, many users have looked for more secure alternative applications to WhatsApp, and this is where Telegram comes in, which has a similar and easy-to-use interface.

Being a ad-free app and with a complex security system designed within a totally private software to protect your personal information, which you can use without a phone number on iPhone and Android to have a layer of privacy and security additional to that offered by Telegram.

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Currently, more and more users are using Telegram, with more than 500 million users, making it not just a alternative to WhatsApp but a direct rival to it. Telegram currently offers a virtual cloud service to store my files and save photos, videos or conversations, so that you can have a backup of your private information at hand.

As we can see, the main advantage of Telegram over other services is the security it offers for your personal information, having the previously mentioned options in addition to secret chats, messages that are deleted after a while, forwarding blocking. Adding to that, this messaging application does not have free call service.

Therefore, to start enjoying this instant messaging service, it is recommended to become familiar with all its functions to make the most of them, And while it is true that the vast majority of these are easy to use, this is not the case for everyone. Therefore, we will teach you how to delete, edit, recover and forward Telegram messages in this definitive guide.

Delete, edit, recover and forward messages on Telegram

The function of deleting messages in Telegram is an option that has always been available to all users, however, before you could only delete messages during the 48 hour period from the moment the message was sent. Now, you can delete messages for everyone without any time limit.

It is important to take into account that you can even delete messages that another person has sent you and this message will also be deleted on their phone, as well as they can do the same to you without any notification. To do this you just select the message, in the upper right select the icon in the shape of a garbage can and you will have the option to delete the message.

In case you regret it after delete a message, Telegram allows you to recover it with the undo option that appears for 5 seconds after deleting a message, so you must be careful because the period is minimal.

While to edit messages you just have to click on the message to edit until a drop-down menu appears with the option to edit, select the option and you can change the message. Keep in mind, that unlike deleting messages the edit option it is only available for 48 hours.

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Finally, Telegram the process to forward messages in Telegram is the same as in WhatsApp with the difference that activating the option so that your messages cannot be forwarded. Within Settings> Forwarded messages you can define who can forward your messages to protect your privacy.

Should I switch to Telegram?

It is recommended to download Telegram even if it is not your main instant messaging medium, since this service does not you need to add your phone number to use it and you can share heavier files compared to its direct competitors.

You don’t necessarily have to just use an instant messaging app, each has its advantages. So you can easily download the official version of Telegram and continue using it together with another application such as WhatsApp to facilitate the communication process with your acquaintances, since not everyone uses both applications.