How to delete a saved place from Waze? – Browsing history

Every time you travel a specific route using the Waze app, is saved in the browsing history, in order to help you with some future searches. However, you should know that the app’s designers are constantly updating the ‘map pins’, and when searching you will be given the old pin instead of the new pin.

For this reason, you will most likely want find out how to delete a saved place in Waze. Do not worry! You have come to the right place, we will help you discover how to do it! Fast and easy.

location marked on waze map

If you have used Waze for a while, chances are your browsing history is full or has a lot of searches and you want to delete information. To do this, perform the following procedure:

  • Access the Waze app from your mobile device, be it Android or iOS. Down left, you will find an icon in the form of a magnifying glass, press on her.
  • Then you will find the search box, below it a list of recent searches, next to each search, you will see a three vertical dots, in the case of iOS they are horizontal. Press on them.
  • Then you will be presented with a pop-up window with many options, you should look for the icon represented by a trash can named ‘Delete’ and click on it.
  • Automatically, the recent search will disappear, and you must do the same procedure to delete the searches one by one.

using waze app while driving

Many times this method is usually very annoying and takes up a lot of time. For that reason, now we are going to introduce another method much faster and easier.

  • Now let’s go enter the configuration of our device Android mobile. We can also do it from the notification panel or the application drawer. In that section we find an option called ‘Applications and notifications’ we click on it.
  • At the bottom of the screen we will choose the option see all applications. We look for Waze, scroll it down and click on it.
  • When selecting it, the information of the application will appear, we will press on storage. Press the ‘Clear Cache’ button and it will automatically clear all the cache of the application and consequently the search history.

How to delete a location from favorites?

Waze, an excellent mapping tool, allows you to see where there is traffic on your mobile device to avoid that route. Above all, it gives you the option to save places in your favorites section. But, surely you will not use that difference for some time and you want to delete it from that section. Let’s follow the instructions below:

  • Open the Waze app from your Android mobile device. At the bottom of the screen you will find a magnifying glass icon, click on it and go to the favorites apartment.
  • There, find the address you want to delete and click on the three-dot icon on the right. Finally, locate the icon trash can and press on it, to eliminate the difference of favorites.

How long are the records kept?

Waze offers you endless options when driving. To give you an example, change the starting point. More, however, it is extremely important to know that Waze browsing histories are not permanent. While each search is being made, the previous one is being left below and so it is happening, until the moment arrives when it is deleted from the history. This is applied as the months go by and it also depends on the amount of search we request in the application.

waze emblem

Waze is extracting information to provide better service to its users, from providing you with the best route to showing you the traffic so that you take precautions before leaving. It also helps you save driving routes, so that you can consult them later without an internet connection.

The information that Waze is extracting and how it is going to be used depends on how you are using the services within the application. Many times we delete the browsing history without realizing it and want to access it. You should know that If you cannot access it, it is because you have deleted them. and you can’t do anything anymore.

It is of utmost importance that you know before deleting any search history in the Waze app. Once you have completed the removal process you can no longer restore the changes made. That is why we invite you to carefully analyze each route that you want to delete in case you may need it at some point.