How to delete a Google Play Store account on an Android mobile

The Google account accompanies our cell phone since we used it for the first time, since, thanks to it, the Play Store is used, it also allows us to make the corresponding backups whether you delete the data from the Google Play Store, today we will teach you how to delete Google Play Store account on your Android.

So what if we need to uninstall a Google Play account? If we change ownership or if we simply want change account for the backup of our filesand then install Google Play again, it will not be easy, so here we will show you the correct option to do it.

Delete the Google account from your phone

  • The first thing you should do is look for the phone settings.
  • Then we must look for the accounts option (if you do not get it, we recommend you look for it through the settings search engine).
  • What follows is to delete the current account, here several options will appear, you must search for the Google icon.
  • Select the Google account.
  • At the bottom in a gray box will appear the option “Remove account”.
  • After selecting it, an option will appear “Are you sure you want to unlink this Google account?” In which you must select the option of “Remove account”.

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And that’s it, you unlink the account from your phone and instantly from Google Play.

Remove Play Store link

We can have multiple phones connected with the same Google account, But what if I don’t want my Play Store activity to be seen on other devices? We must then unlink them. We already explained how to do it!

Before continuing, we must clarify that this does not mean that we will delete the Google account from our device, for this you must follow the previous steps. Let’s unlink Play Store:

  1. We must enter the store, there is a search engine with the name of the person on the account.
  2. In the gear on the right side, we must click.
  3. There we will find all the devices linked to the account.
  4. Then a segment called “Visibility” will appear. It is in that column where we will see a check or uncheck button.
  5. If you uncheck it, you will see how no device will have visibility of what you do on that device. device to Play Store.

Errors when uninstalling Google Play

Here we will talk about the most common mistakes when we want to uninstall the Google account of our cell phone. I hope it will serve as a reference so that you do not do it and can follow the previous steps without any problem.

We can notice that in this case there are more technical errors of the phone. However, we will give some tips that could work to continue advancing in the unlinking of the account. If the problem persists, users are advised to contact technical support and solve the problem.

In case you have made the corresponding backup and want to sell the phone, we recommend you to factory reset it. This way the phone will be like the first time you used it and it will be easier for the other person to save your new data.

How to factory reset a phone?

It’s very simple, let’s go step by step:

  1. You should go to the applications tray.
  2. Find the settings.
  3. From there you should go to “Privacy” normally has the padlock icon.
  4. Search among the last options “Restore Factory Settings”.
  5. Then you give the option of “Reset phone”.
  6. Press “Delete All”.
  7. When the window of are you sure you want to delete everything appears you select “Sure”.
  8. In some phones, the option to delete the data from the SD card appears if you do not want it, we recommend that you do not select this option.

If for any reason you cannot factory reset phone following these steps, don’t worry, you can do this manually, but be careful when doing it, since you can misconfigure and even damage the cell phone by this action.

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On the other hand, if you are sure of what you are doing and have a minimum knowledge of English, we recommend you search YouTube for how to do it, putting the brand and model of your phone. There it will guide you step by step, since it is not the same on all mobiles.