How to deactivate the ‘My day’ function in Messenger? – Facebook tricks

Messenger, like all social networks, is constantly evolving, adding new functions and features to the platform. One of them is the my day function, which has not been very well received because it is the same stories from Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook. Therefore, many people seek to know how to deactivate the ‘My day’ function in Messenger and this article explains the procedures that can be done to remove this feature from your application.

How to know if it is possible to deactivate a Facebook Messenger function?

The function my day is one of the latest features added by Messenger to its platform to increase user participation. With this, it is possible to share stories similar to those of Instagram in the form of a card. So it works the same way as ordinary Facebook stories.

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This new function has caused the interface of the Messenger application to change, since now in the center of it there is a camera icon. Which serves to share the stories of what you did on the day. However, some people are already tired of having the option to upload ephemeral content on the platforms and just want to keep Messenger as a messaging application. So the same app has placed an option so that the function my day can be deactivated in the same way that it is possible to activate or deactivate the dark mode, that is, through the options menu

What is the correct way to disable ‘My day’ on Facebook Messenger?

The first thing to do is download from the Play Store the Material Terminal application, which gives the possibility to open the terminal where the codes or commands are written to control the Linux system that Android brings. Once this app is downloaded, you must open it and write the following code.

  • First type am start followed by -n all on the same line
  • Then continue with “com.facebook.orca / com.facebook.messaging.internalprefs.MessengerInternalPreferenceActivity”

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When the command has been executed, a secret section will open where you can make modifications and adjustments to the application, something similar to the hidden menu in Messenger but more advanced. In this menu you must enter the option Gate override and then open the one that says Search Gatekeepers so that a text bar appears. In it write the word internal and when an option appears, press yes.

After this, you must return to the previous menu and now choose the option Mobileconfig in which it is due click wave2. There in montage enable you must deactivate the my day function leaving the bar in the false option. The last thing to do is press the restart now category so that the application will restart with the changes applied.

Without being root user

It is possible to do the deactivation procedure of the my day function without being the root user of the phone. However, this option is only valid in Facebook and Messenger applications modified or altered, that is to say that they are not the originals. Therefore, you would have to use versions that have the same functionality but have some of the permissions removed.

In these cases, in order to use this type of application, you must delete it from your mobile all official Facebook applications, including WhatsApp and Instagram. Well, they use an authentication method that would not allow the modified versions to work properly.

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In case you have downloaded these altered applications, you must enter them and open the settings menu of the same. There, it must click on mobileconfig and then in Wave2, then as said in the previous method, this setting should be left in the false state. Since in this way the Messenger stories function is removed.

How to make you root user of your mobile phone?

To become root you must have an application that helps to do this process such as Kingo root or root master. It is recommended to make a backup of photos and other important things since some things will be deleted from the mobile. Enter the app and search about the phone, once there, you must enter build number.

Touch that number seven times in a row to activate rooting, a security key may have to be entered after that. Following this, you must return to the previous menu and there you will see the new options that you can modify on your phone. To end, reboot the phone so that the mobile adapts to changes.

What older versions of Messenger don’t have the ‘My Day’ feature?

Since the my day function is a recent feature, there are some versions of the Messenger application that do not have it active. In this sense, all versions before 2021 they will not have this function. Therefore, to have it, you must download a new version of the app from the Google store.