How to create your Office Microsoft 365 portal for free

The creation of an Office portal is essential if you want to take advantage of all Microsoft 365 services.

Did you know that it is quite possible to create your Microsoft 365 portal for free and without providing any means of payment?

So follow this tutorial

Video Tutorial: Create your Microsoft 365 portal

Microsoft Office 365 overview

Microsoft Office 365 is a subscription offer for individuals and professionals.

Depending on the subscriptions you can benefit from the Office versions of Office 365 (Word / Excel / Power point / Outlook)

You can use theOffice suite on 5 computers and from your browser.

Storage tools are also planned with 1TB of storage per user (OneDrive and Sharepoint).

Finally, to ensure flawless communication with the family and within your company, you benefit from Teams and a messaging solution Exchange.

Microsoft 365 price list for professionals
In red you have the annual price for the entry-level subscription.

You will understand the advantage is to have a variety of services and Office updates against a monthly / annual subscription.

Creation of the Office Microsoft 365 portal for free

Above all, do not seek cracks for Office 365. On the one hand you are going to catch viruses and on top of that it’s impossible to have the full suite with One Drive / Exchange free !

On the other hand it is possible to test the products for 1 month.

In short you want to set up your portal free of charge without obligation and without giving your credit card here is how to proceed.

The Microsoft 365 office portal is called in the jargon the “Holding“.

It is simply the personalized name that is associated with your portal. This allows you to administer and assign licenses to users in your company.

Tenant office 365 administration dashboard
Here is an excerpt from the “tenant” Tutos-informatique

Step 1 – Go to the license sales page

To create your tenant for free you must go to the Microsoft 365 product sales page

Click on “Buy Now” to be redirected to the portal creation page.

Microsoft 365 license sales page
Just click on one of the Buy Now buttons.

Step 2 – Fill in your personal information

You are redirected to an account creation page. You must fill in your personal information:

microsoft 365 account creation
Enter an email address for your company.

Do “Next”, if your account does not exist with Microsoft you must then click on “Create an account

create Microsoft 365 account

Now you have to inquire the first name, last name and address of your company as well as a telephone number (Convenient for double authentication by phone).

request personal information Microsoft 365

Do next, we validate your phone number, so a code will be sent by SMS or you can request a call to the number indicated.

microsoft 365 phone verification
Verification of the account is essential for its creation.

Once checked we will create the identifier of your “tenant”, generally basic we use a name in

Later we can associate our real domain name to create users in @yourdomainname

Microsoft 365 tenant ID creation
For system administrators you can configure the domain of your company.

Check the availability of the identifier, if it’s good, do next to set account password :

office 365 registration
By clicking on register, you will validate the creation of your Microsoft 365 environment

You can stop the process here. As the creation of the tenant is in progress, you do not have to enter your payment information.

You can continue the process if you want to acquire one or more Office 365 licenses.

You should receive a summary of your account at the email address you provided above.

Step 3 – Sign in to the Office Microsoft 365 portal

Now that your portal is ready, you can access the administrator panel by clicking on the following page:

office 365 identification page
You must enter the login and password of your Microsoft 365 Administrator account (the one in
Example : [email protected]

Once logged in, click on the Admin tab to administer your Office 365 environment.

Office 365 admin access

Now it’s up to you to discover the Microsoft 365 portal and add your first users.

Welcome to the world of the Cloud according to Microsoft.

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