How to create shortcuts to Instagram stories on Android? | Shortcuts

Creating shortcuts on your Android device makes it easier to use the applications you use the most on your phone, in the case of Instagram you can access the shortcuts of the main functions of the App to control your activity and create content such as publishing images or videos in your stories that allow you to interact with your followers quickly and directly with the use of the aforementioned shortcuts.

How can you create a shortcut on your mobile for Instagram web?

Using your Instagram social network to publish your content and attract more followers is quite entertaining, that’s why the application makes you easier to use Through the shortcuts that you can create on your mobile phone to directly enter your Instagram web, for this you will have to have the most recent version of the application and do the following:

  1. Locate the icon of the Instagram application on your mobile device and hold it down for a moment.
  2. Immediately a small box will appear with the four options that the App offers you as shortcuts.
  3. Now drag the shortcut to any available area on the desktop, when you release it you will have confirmed the new location of the shortcut.

create instagram functions shortcuts

How are section stories used in Instagram shortcuts?

Sharing content through Instagram stories encourages interaction with your followers, whether uploading photos with filters that modify the appearance of your face, interesting music or videos will help you increase the number of followersFor that reason, you must go to the shortcuts on your mobile to enter the camera directly for the Stories, since you can currently configure them to be classified in sections like these:

  • One possibility is to observe all your stories classified in reverse chronological order, that is, you will first see the newest ones and last those created previously.
  • Another option is to view the stories under the calendar format through a presentation in your App.
  • You can also get it as a map-style presentation that will locate the images depending on the place or location from which they are being published.

What are the steps to put the shortcut to the stories on your Android cell phone?

Your mobile phone allows you to add the shortcuts you want for the convenience of using your social network, since the idea is to provide users with the best way to use the app to publish content of interest, gain followers and in the future request an Instagram account verification badge, for that reason putting a shortcut to the stories on your cell phone is quite simple.

create instagram story shortcut

In that sense, you will only have to press and hold the icon of your Instagram application that appears on the desktop of your mobile device, at that moment a box will appear with the four options that the application presents you to access directly, then you have to select the option of the stories and voila, since automatically the shortcut will take you to your stories.

How can you create a shortcut to the Instagram camera and upload stories directly?

Another of the shortcuts that you can use is the Instagram camera, since that way you can capture images in real time In a much faster way, you can even turn the camera when you are recording on Instagram and start recording after entering the shortcut that you will activate as follows:

  • When locating the Instagram icon on the main screen of your cell phone, you must press it for a moment until a menu of options appears.
  • Within that menu you will have to choose the Instagram camera.
  • Once there you can proceed to create content to share with your followers.

create shortcut instagram android

What other main shortcuts does Instagram have for Android phones and how to configure them?

Instagram in order to reinvent itself and please its users has created the option of shortcuts for the most used functions of the application, so if you want toaccess the camera to create a Storie, to your direct messages, create a new publication or go directly to your notifications to see the activity of your account, then the shortcuts will be very useful for you, because those are the shortcuts offered by the App just by pressing and holding the application icon on your mobile phone and dragging them to the desktop of the same.