How to create an account to play Fornite on Nintendo Switch OLED?

When we get our console, it is necessary that we add the best games to have fun. That is why one of the most common games that you must have is Fornite. However, some users do not know the way to carry out this process where they wonder How to create an account to play on Nintendo Switch OLED? For this reason, we will be mentioning everything you need to know to obtain it.

What does it take to be able to play Fortnite on the Nintendo Switch OLED?

It is clear that one of the common functions of these devices is to have games, which we can share with our friends. However, before downloading this game it is very important that we know all the information before doing it. Indeed, it will be possible to obtain it correctly without any failure happening, also to know if it is suitable for our device.

Space required

One of the first factors to consider is that the Fornite game spans large memory space. Specifically, you can get to choose a third of the console where it can cover 64 GB of internal memory, so this game occupies 14.1 GB of ROM memory. It is clear that having it will cause there is little space to be able to install other games that you want to have or have more apps.

create account for fornite

Internet connection time

To be able to execute any download process or to play it is necessary to have unlimited internet. Therefore, when using it, it is common to configure the internet to add the wireless network that is used in your home and if you do not have it configured you won’t be able to play. Also, if your device has failures with warnings that say there is no wireless network, you will have to fix it immediately.

How do I create a new Epic Games account?

In order to download any game it is necessary to have an account and that is why to generate it in a new way you must enter the Epic Games page. Then, in that area you will select How do you want to create your account?, either from Google or Facebook, but you can press the first option of ‘Register with email address’. Next, you must write your information, such as your name, by completing all the data you accept the indications.

Finally, press the ‘Continue’ option and when doing so you will be will automatically direct to your new account correctly created where you can already use it. Later, you can access your email to verify what we just did.

What are the steps to link my Epic account with my Nintendo account?

When you already have your Epic Games account you will simply have to access it from the PC, then touch your profile to enter your account. Now, in this section, click on the ‘Connected Accounts’ area and upon entering it you will see the different options to connect. Therefore, in this case we will select the one for ‘Nintendo Switch’ where we must click on ‘Connect’.

create fornite account for switch

Afterwards, it will take us to a new tab where we must confirm that we want to link it and later select the option ‘Start session’. Specifically, in this area we must enter the information from your Nintendo account; It is worth mentioning that if you do not have it you will have to create an account on your Nintendo.

How to change the Fornite account on this console?

To do this we must turn on our console and enter the settings, then we must enter the ‘Profile’ section. Later, we will click on the option ‘Register user’ and choose the icon that we want to characterize it. Then, you must enter any nickname for the new user, now we will click on the ‘Start / link’ section. By doing so, we simply exit and go to the app. Once here, click on the game and when doing so it will ask us to let’s choose a user, where we can select the new one that we just added or any other, when pressing it the game will start with that other account.

Where to download Fortnite for Nintendo Switch OLED?

Likewise, you only have to enter the console and click on the Nintendo eShop option, when doing so we must select the user with whom we want to install the game. Then, we go to the search engine and write the name of the game that is Fortnite, when it appears to us we click on it to download it and at the end of the process you will have it in your applications.