How to create an account and log in to Minecraft 100% free

Most good quality games have the option to create an account so that it has many more game options making it much more entertaining and functional for the user.

Due to the fact that by adding this option you can have the opportunity to play with one or more people to make it much more entertaining and that is why I will teach you how to create a free Minecraft account without paying anything.

There are different ways to log in to Minecraft and I say this because of the fact that you have created so many platforms for this game that in different parts you can create an account Regardless of what device you use Desktop PC, laptop, cell phone or even tablet.

In any case, I will teach you how to create an account on different platforms and you will notice that it is a very easy process to do.

This game as iconic and popular as Minecraft is was created in 2009, it launched its first version 1.1 which over the years became a phenomenon on YouTube where the players insisted on showing how fun and fascinating this game is, attracting the attention of many more people to play it.

The idea that a pixel game at that time would become so popular was hardly believable until discovering the dynamic diversity it had.

This game had a strong impact, since it greatly surpassed the games that were fashionable at that time, such as gun and car games that at that time broke the standards of networks and popularity.

This at least before Minecraft arrived, which swept away the vast majority of games that were at the top of the abyss, falling drastically.

How to create an account in Minecraft using Mojang?

This is a very simple process just like creating any other game account this is created in the page Mojang and in this you can register. For this you must follow the following instructions:

  • Locate yourself on the official Mojang page.
  • Then follow the instructions that it asks for.
  • Enter name and email.
  • Then the date and year of birth.
  • And to finish the registration, click on create account

The next thing will be to send you a verification code to your email. Locate yourself in and you must copy and paste it in the verification, then you will create your name and follow the other specifications.

This is if you want to buy it, but however you can also download it for free from the page at.

create minecraft account

There are many ways in which you can create an account, you can create it from a launcher, which is the most recommended option because it is free and to play it you don’t need an internet connection to play.

Yes, what you want is to create an account to be able to put on a skin and be able to chat with friends or other people to play online.

How to create a free account in Minecraft?

Through the Tlauncher: This is a launcher for Minecraft through which you can create an account and log in. For this you must go to its page and download it, then install it. To create an account, follow the instructions below:

  • This is in English, give it the option that says Sign Up to log in, but don’t worry, Google translates it so you don’t have problems.
  • Then register in the register option and this will give you the instructions.
  • Once your account is created you can make the changes you want to your character.

This includes a chat with which you can chat with another user so that they can play on a server together and thus improve your Minecraft experience.

Note that you can also switch the tlauncher to premium mode adding more tools and character options.

create tlauncher account

Through the fenix launcher: In this launcher you will be able to carry out almost all the options of the previous launcher except that in this one you will have to know the capacity of your computer’s ram, since it is an essential requirement to have a RAM capacity of 3 GB minimumsince this is somewhat more advanced in terms of resolution.

To create the account it is the same as the previous launcher, you just have to go to the register page and also download it.