How to create a Google Photos Live Album? | Share your photos

To create your live album from Google Photos, the first thing you should do is open the website or the application, go to the library and then select the option of ‘new album’, after that you must add a name and other details that we will explain below.

Likewise, beyond the option of creating an album with smart photos using Google Photos, you can even choose if you want it to be made up of new or old photos, stay until the end and discover its procedure.

What steps to go through to create a Digital Smart Photo Album on Google Photos?

From Google Photos you can create various types of Live Albums, one with photos that you take from the creation of said album and another that can include photos previously stored on your device, it is necessary that you activate the ‘image recognition’ tool, for which you must follow each of these steps:

  • Open the Google Photos application on your mobile device or tablet and click on your profile photo (located in the upper right corner of the screen).
  • Once there, select the ‘photo settings’ option, then proceed to activate ‘backup and synchronization’ of your photos, so that Google Photos saves all the images you have on your mobile or tablet.
  • Now, go back to the configuration section and select the option to ‘group similar faces’.
  • Later, proceed to activate the ‘grouping by faces’ option.

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Now, to create Live Albums in Google photos with all the photos on your mobile device or tablet, you must follow the following steps to the letter:

  1. Open the Google Photos application from your device.
  2. Once in the app, go to the section called ‘Library’ (located in the lower right corner).
  3. There, slide your finger to the bottom of the screen and select the option ‘New album’.
  4. Select the three dots icon (located in the upper right corner).
  5. Once there, search and select ‘options’.
  6. Then, select the ‘+’ icon located below the ‘automatically add photos’ option.
  7. On the drop-down page, after selecting the person or pet that is the protagonist of the album, you will be able to find the option to ‘add old photos from your library’. Continue making your album without checking this option so that the album is made up of only new photos.

Now, to create your live album with old photos saved on your device and in Google Photos, just follow all the steps below:

  • Open the Google Photos application from your mobile phone or tablet.
  • Once there, go to the ‘library’ section (located in the lower right corner of your screen). There, scroll down and select the ‘new album’ option.
  • Select the option to ‘automatically add photos of people and animals’.
  • In the drop-down gallery select the pet or person that will be the star of your album. Once you do, you can even change the cover photo of your album in Google Photos.

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  • Add extra details such as the name you want your album to have, select the option to ‘add old photos from your library’.

As you can see, it is not complex to create live albums from Google Photos, butDepending on the device you use, the procedure may be differentNext, we explain what steps to follow if you have a computer and which ones change if, on the other hand, you have a mobile phone or tablet.

On your pc

To create a live album on Google photos from the website, simply follow the following steps:

  1. In your trusted browser, search for the Google Photos website. Once there select the option of ‘albums’ located in the sidebar of your screen.
  2. Name your new live album and select the option to ‘automatically add photos of people and pets’.
  3. Select the photos of the people or pets that you want to add automatically and click on ‘activate’.

From your mobile

To create a live album from your Android mobile phone, just follow these steps:

  1. Open the Google photos application and go to the ‘albums’ tab, there, select ‘new album’.
  2. Select a title for your live album and select ‘automatically add photos of people and pets’.
  3. Select the people or pets you want to automatically add to your live album. Now, you can edit your photos with the Google Photos editor to make them look more professional.
  4. Then, select ‘activate’ (located in the upper right corner of your screen).

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What is the way to leave your Live Album from Google Photos automatically?

If you want your live album to be automatically within Google photos and to be updated, all you have to do is avoid selecting the option to ‘add old photos from your library’Once you do this, your album will keep updating itself from its creation.

How to share your Google Photos Smart Photo Album with your family members?

To share your Google Photos smart photo album with family or friends, just follow these steps:

  • Enter the Google Photos application from your mobile device or Tablet.
  • Once there, find and select the live album that you want to share with your family.
  • Select the ‘share’ icon located at the top of your device screen and select the person and the channel you want to send it through.

Why can’t you create your Google Photos Live Album correctly?

If you cannot create your live album from Google Photos and you get an ‘error’ or you cannot see the option to create this type of album, it is likely that it is still You did not activate the backup and synchronization of the photos in your gallery with Google Photos, once you activate this option, you should no longer have problems.

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