How to copy comments from a video on YouTube correctly?

Copying the texts found on social networks or other websites serves to avoid having to write the same words. Therefore it is a tool that provides ease in writing messages or written works. So here we will see how to copy comments from a video on YouTube from the application and from the web, although this procedure is useful for any text that you find written.

What should you do to copy the YouTube comment from the mobile application?

Comments made on YouTube can be made of all kinds of interactions. In this sense, you can react with like or dislike if you liked the content and if you are the owner of the video you can hide these dislikes so that they do not negatively affect the views of the video. Likewise, you can respond to comments made by other people and copy comments to later publish them on other networks.

On Android

To copy comments made by other people or by yourself from the YouTube application, you must open the app. This is installed by default as a regular application on smartphones. So from your Android you just have to click on the YouTube icon and enter the application.

youtube comments

By doing this, the application will show the beginning of your account, where several videos appear as a suggestion for you to watch or save them to watch later. So, you must choose one of these videos to enter, see the content and also see the section of the box of the comments issued by the followers.

From iOS

In devices that have the IOS system, that is, those that belong to Apple such as iPhones, the steps to follow are similar to those of Android. Therefore, we will continue to explain the above procedure in this section. On these devices, the YouTube application is also installed so no installation required. Although if you don’t use it frequently it may need an update.

When entering a video, its content will be displayed in a box at the top. While the bottom part shows the likes, dislikes and other options in addition to the description of the video. It will also be possible see the first comment of the video which is not the first chronologically but the one with the most reactions.

comment box

Therefore, if you move your finger up the screen a little, the complete comment box will appear. Where you can see and read all the comments with their respective reactions and responses that the video has received. If you have already commented on the video and want to see the comments you have made these they will appear among the top positions, below those with the most reactions.

If you want to copy any of the comments you must keep the screen pressed to select a word. You will notice that this is selected because it is highlighted in blue. Two arrows also appear at the ends to move the word selection sideways. For what you owe fill all the comment with this blue shade.

If you don’t want to do it this way, when you select the first word, the select all option. When all the comment is selected, the copy option also appears at the top, which must be pressed to save the comment on the clipboard. Then, you must go to paste in the place where you need it, pressing the screen and pressing the paste option that appears when you touch the screen.

What are the PC commands used to copy comments or other texts?

On the other hand, when using the web version of YouTube, the procedure is different to copy the comments of the videos. Well, in computers there are two methods to make the copy and paste of text on YouTube or any other social network or text services such as Word, notepad and any other place where texts appear

From Windows

comment on videos

You must enter YouTube and find the video where the comment you want to copy is located. Keep in mind that some comments do not appear because they are blocked because they are considered offensive. When finding the comment, with the cursor you must select the entire comment, doing click the left cursor button at one end of the comment and moving it to the other end so that everything is marked in blue.

When you have all the text selected, you must click on the right button of the cursor to display a menu of options. Among these options you have to choose the one that says copy to save the text to the clipboard. Later, you must go to the place where you want to copy the text and repeat the process with the cursor, but this time you must select the paste option.

With your mac

search youtube comments

To do this you must select with the cursor all the text following the same steps explained above. However, when the text is selected, the options menu does not open, but the commands are used. In this sense, to copy the text to the clipboard you must hold down the keys at the same time Control (Ctrl) + the letter C. This saves the text and to paste it you must simultaneously press the Control key + the letter V.