How to Convert Word Files to PDF for Free

PDF files are no more and no less than an image file. The advantage is that it is lighter and that it is generally this type of file that you can exchange by email.

PDF means by the way Portable Document Format. The best-known tools for opening them are Adobe reader and Foxit Reader.

Only you are probably working on Word, Excel or other office files ? Here’s how to convert them to PDF for free and above all easily!

Convert Word File to Pdf in Word

You may not know it but you can convert the file directly from your Word software (since version 2013).

Indeed for that it is necessary to do File> Save As> Choose PDF format

save word file in pdf

You can do this same manipulation in the Excel / Powerpoint software, the menus are identical.

For the more curious here are other solutions.

Convert files using tools

Web tools to convert Word files to PDF

There are tools for converting Word files to PDF.

The best known is Small PDF however you must send your files to their servers and it is not top level confidentiality.

So be careful what you send as a file!

smallpdf interface
Small Pdf is a web tool.

Dedicated tools to convert files to PDF

There is a great tool that is “Batch WORD to PDF ConverterIt’s a FreeWare tool, but it can really save you time if you have a lot of files to convert.

It makes most of the office files (from doc, xls through odt) whether for Microsoft’s Office suite or OpenOffice and LibreOffice

The tool can be downloaded from the official website PDFZILLA

The free version allows you to discover the software, it will leave a watermark on your files ! (Your files will be output with “Unregistred” banners). The license costs 30 €, the software is also portable.

Batch mode license Word to Pdf
By clicking on OK you will be redirected to the license purchase page.

Once installed, you drag and drop your files into the interface:

batch interface word to pdf
The interface is easy to learn and in French

My files will be converted in the folder I named: Folder-De-Conversion

You will notice that they offer interesting options in terms of protection:

  • Block printing (your PDF document cannot be printed)
  • Copy blocking (Copy paste of your PDF file will be blocked)

he is also possible to merge all your files into 1.

The publisher has made an explanatory video on how it works:

Finally if ever you are looking for a tool to manipulate your PDFs (merge / division /) I recommend this rare tool to find that is Unity PDF

And do you have simple and efficient tools to convert your files to PDF?

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