How to Convert ESD File to WIM File Easily

When you want to set up a Windows deployment server, you must use a WIM image.

Newer versions of Windows now offer a format of type .ESD and this format cannot be used when you deploy a Windows image from the network.

Fortunately it is possible to convert a .ESD file to .WIM

What is the ESD file used for?

the ESD file is used when installing Windows. It weighs several GB and also contains the different editions of the system (Professional / Home version)

ESD format is more compact than .WIM format

You will understand it when you install windows (with a USB key / DVD or the PXE network) this file is essential.

Now we will see that Microsoft is doing things right since you can convert the format using DISM commands!

install.esd file
Here is the install.esd file which is located in the Source folder of the Windows 10 ISO image

Our full page to download all Windows ISOs.

Step 1 – Know the different editions of Windows

To know the different editions of Windows you must read the ESD file with the DISM command.

Mount the Windows iso

So you must “mount” the Windows ISO image in your explorer so that it is readable.

mount iso windows explorer

windows iso reader
The iso is mounted next to my C: drive and bears the letter D:

Read ESD file goes to DISM in command prompt

All the orders which follow are to be carried out in command prompt with Administrator rights.

administrator command prompt

Once the command prompt is open we must go to the “sources” directory of the Windows 10 ISO image

windows sources folder in cmd
Here is the list of commands I entered.

Once in this folder we must enter the following command to identify the different editions of Windows.

The command must be adapted according to the letter which is assigned to your ISO drive

dism /Get-WimInfo /WimFile:D:/sources/install.esd

dsim commade

Wait a few seconds and you will get the list of available Windows editions.

list of Windows DSIM editions
Here is the list of editions available with my ISO

Now that we know the different editions (see the index number) we will be able to create an image in .wim format for the selected edition.

Step 2 – Convert the install.esd image to install.wim

To convert the esd file to wim (Windows Imaging Format) you must use the following command while being placed in the sources folder of your ISO image.

dism /export-image /SourceImageFile:install.esd /SourceIndex:6 /DestinationImageFile:C:install.wim /Compress:max /CheckIntegrity

The above command will export the ESD image (install.esd) with index 6 (here Windows 10 Pro) to the WIM format (install.wim) in the C:

The operation takes a few minutes depending on the power of your computer / server.

Once the WIM file generated you can easily import it into the “Windows Deployment Service

add Windows Deployment Service wim file
I can add my installation file here in .wim

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