How to control your Xiaomi cell phone from the computer without using cables?

Generally, it is possible download and install apps to perform specific tasks on a mobile device. However, have you ever wondered how to control your Xiaomi cell phone from your computer without using cables? Fortunately, it is possible to do so through some simple methods that we will explain below.

What are the advantages of connecting a Xiaomi to a computer?

One of the advantages of connecting a Xiaomi to a computer is the power access files that we store on the mobile device from the PC. In this regard, we can transfer content from the cell phone to the computer and vice versa. It is even possible to create backup copies of the system and keep all the information on the mobile safe.

Another advantage of connecting a Xiaomi to a computer is the sharing of mobile data or the internet via Wi-Fi. Also, you can control a Xiaomi from the computer applying changes such as uninstalling applications or modifying the ROM when necessary (only if you have advanced knowledge in this area).

What program allows you to control a Xiaomi cell phone using a PC?

There are various tools with which we can control a Xiaomi cell phone using a PC. One of them is the ‘Xiaomi Device Control’ program that has various easy-to-use functions. Another useful program is ‘My PC Suite’ that facilitates the process of device sync, creating backups and other features.

Xiaomi Device Control

‘Xiaomi Device Control’ is an application that allows you to control your mobile device from a computer This tool facilitates certain tasks such as configuring notifications, transferring files from a PC to the device and vice versa, as well as activating the interaction between devices through the use of different Apps.

control xiaomi cell phone from pc without cables

My PC Suite

‘My PC Suite’ is an application is another application for Xiaomi devices that is available for Windows system. This tool allows you to perform certain actions such as synchronizing devices, creating Backups, transfer files between devices, as well as update applications of your Xiaomi.

How do you transfer files from a Xiami to a computer without cables?

One way to transfer files from a Xiaomi to a computer without cables is to use the exclusive Xiaomi App ‘ShareMe’. Access the Google Play Store to download the ‘ShareMe: File sharing’ application and press the ‘Install’ button. Then set up your account and grant permissions to be able to send and receive files.

Next, connect mobile and PC to the same Wi-Fi network and access the ‘ShareMe’ App. From the App, activate the option ‘Share with the computer’ and in the address bar of your PC write the address that your Xiaomi indicates. Thus, you will be able to access all the files on the device.

Another alternative is to use the ‘Xiaomi Device Control’ application. This tool is available by default in high-end devices with the MIUI 12 system. To be able to use it, connect your Xiaomi and your computer to the same Wi-Fi network, select ‘Special Features’ and choose the option ‘Transfer Files’ to transfer the files.

On the other hand, you can transfer large files by using the App Drive. To achieve this, access ‘Drive’ from your Xiaomi and press the ‘+’ sign. Then, choose the ‘Upload’ option to select the file you want to transfer. After accessing Drive from your PC, look for the file you want to obtain. Finally, press ‘Download’.

manage the xiaomi cell phone from the computer without using cables

What are the steps to update a Xiaomi from a PC?

It is possible to update a Xiaomi from a PC to obtain the latest version of the operating system offered by the Chinese manufacturer. To do this, you must follow the following steps: type in your web browser ‘MIUI ROMS’ and access the official website ‘Xiaomi Community’.

Immediately, select the model of your Xiaomi mobile device and press the ‘Submit’ button in order to locate the correct ROM for your device. Then, click on ‘Download full ROM’ and wait while the ROM download process completes.

Use the ROM file

Connect your Xiaomi to the computer using a USB cable and activate the storage option to view the device from the computer. Copy the ROM file that you just downloaded into the ‘downloaded_rom’ folder found on your cell phone. Access ‘Settings’ and press ‘About device’. Then go to Manufacturer Updater.

control the xiaomi mobile from the pc without cables

There, press the icon with the three dots and choose the option ‘Select update package’. Find the ROM file that you previously copied to your Xiaomi and wait while the installation process of all files that correspond to the updated version of the operating system.