How to control your Smart TV with the Google Assistant speaker? – Tutorial

Have the ‘Remote Control’ at hand, and in the panel or buttons available, sink the one with a symbol with colored dots. You can also run it at sink the button with microphone figure, there you can start to interact with him (talk). A clear example includes giving him any command, such as ‘Tell me the time’ or ‘Sing me a song’, he will quickly think and express the best answer for you. Start to relate to ‘Google TV’, to know all its implications.

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What are the requirements that your Smart TV must meet to be able to use the speakerphone control?

One of the conditions has to do with obtaining a connection, or internet network to your computer in question, in the section or section of ‘Configuration’. Scroll down to ‘Connections’ and establish one, either from a ‘Wifi’ or wired ‘Network’ network. Research the TV specifications to know if you have ‘Voice control’, sometimes you can do it by dictating the command to push the microphone button into it.

A very important requirement, (in case of not having voice command by default) is to obtain the service, under the pseudonym ‘Google Home’, which will facilitate many command or control tasks. However, it all depends on the current TV and the specifications or limitations it may have. If connecting rants occur, begin using a universal remote.

Is it possible to turn on your television with your voice if you don’t have Google Home?

The answer is a resounding yes, although you must determine if the function is loaded by default, otherwise, you will have to go to external digital services, such as ‘Google Home’. Head over to your manual, and get the section ‘Control or command by voice’, among the options or specifications, you will find everything you can do with your voice.

If there are commands called ‘Turn on’, ‘Turn off’, among others, it means that the option is available to use when you decide. On the other hand, you can find these indications by entering the ‘Configuration section’ in the operating system, scroll as you always do, but this time within ‘Voice Control’ or a similar statement.

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How to configure your television to be able to turn it off and on with your voice?

What you should do is start on your TV, and press the screw button, or access the section or area of ​​’Settings’, in the part called ‘Voice’. There you must find the area that says ‘Command’ or ‘Voice control’, set a voice record, or get the available controls to know how to say them. The one that interests you says ‘Ignite’ or some similar word.

Memorize the desired word, perform a test and turn off the current equipment, once the screen is black, press the ‘Microphone’ button on the remote, and say the word ‘turn on’ or failing that, ‘Turn on’. You can immediately see how your TV will start to turn on in a matter of seconds, this will allow you to use it as you prefer. Start innovating and install a Google remote on Smart TV.

What voice commands should you use to control the power on and off of your Smart TV?

It is imperative to point out that this depends on the type of TV, first identify the model or brand from the ‘Settings’ section, right at ‘Command Voice’ section or vice versa. By entering there you will be able to determine certain aspects, including the orders or commands (in different models the function is called command). Enter any of those selections.

From that section look for the statements under the pseudonym ‘On’ and ‘Off’, and activate these so that they are available at the time of use. Those are the ones that you will apply when you squeeze the ‘Microphone’ button, on the ‘Control knob’, quickly, you will have to say the orders you require at that time, either turn off the TV or turn it on.

What other actions can be performed with the Google Assistant voice command?

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The command actions to be executed or expressed are broad, one of them involves lowering or raising the volume of the TV, for that you’ll have to say ‘Turn up the volume to 75% ‘for example. You can also do the opposite, indicating the word ‘Decrease volume’, along with the percentage you want to obtain. In the same way, you have the possibility of increasing or decreasing the lighting, to the desired percentages, just expressing them is enough.

You can also add other controls to express them to your TV, such as ‘Stop or stop’, or ‘Continue’, in general it can be executed in any established mode, such as TV, PC, cable or any other. In case of having an assistant, you could do bigger things, like set the date for an alarm, surf the net, put music, videos, among other content. Increase the possibilities, when matching a mobile to a Smart TV.