How to contact PayPal Spain customer service? – 24 hours

Paypal is a purse or virtual wallet of American origin, makes payments online and is one of the most used methods to pay virtually. Many are the stores that accept it as a form of payment and it has become a very famous application for its ease of use.

Although it is usually quite simple, many times it presents problemsA very common one is the retention when the account is not verified and this prevents you from receiving your money in Paypal. Faced with this type of inconvenience, it is necessary to communicate with the developers. Today we will talk to you about how you can use Paypal customer support and what is the best way to contact them. Don’t miss out on all this important information.

If you have any problem with your Paypal Spain account, you have two options to contact customer service. One of them is through chat and another through a call.

Either option is feasible, however the option of always calling is usually the fastest and it is known by users that it is through it that a better contact with the moderators of the application is achieved.

Through Chat

To contact customer service Through the chat you must log in to your Paypal account. After you do, you must go to the option to access the message center.

contact paypal customer service from Spain

You will get this option at the bottom of the page in the option that says Contact, then you must select the option Chat With UsYou will have to choose the reason why you want to address the moderators by choosing a topic and then a subtopic.

Later you will have only that wait for the response from the Paypal team. Some users have claimed that the response is a bit slow from the moderators, however this may depend on the type of problem that occurs.

If it happens that through the chat you do not find communication, it may be prudent that check the question and answer manual since the solution to your problem could be in this list and there is no need to communicate with a moderator.

Free call

Another option presented by Paypal to communicate with its moderators is through a call, which is usually free. The number indicated to communicate from Spain is the following: 912 735 991.

If that number does not work you can use the following (+34) 900 801 665. If you are outside of Spain you can call through this number (+ 353) 14 369 024, however calls outside of Spain do have an added cost which you will have to pay depending on the telephone company you use. Try to call on a business day and during office hours, that is, from 9:00 in the morning until 4:00 in the afternoon.

contact customer service from Spain

So that you can be attended to in a faster way, go to your Paypal account, to the option that says Call us and Get a personal identification code so that Paypal can recognize you, remember that it is valid only for one hour.

At this point there is no problem since Paypal adapts to the place of residenceTherefore, if you are in Spain or outside of it but you use the contacts belonging to the Spanish country, the information can be done in that language.

How to communicate with PayPal in other countries?

To be able to communicate with Paypal in other countries you must open the official page from the PC. When you do this, the application will ask you to choose a country of residence, after choosing it you must go to the Contact option and the same application will offer you a number appropriate to the country you are in.

Communicating with Paypal moderators can be a difficult task, however we advise you to be calm and patient because despite the delay they usually respond. Do not be filled with anger or let them make you want to delete your Paypal account, since the problems generated always have a solution from the application.