How to contact customer support at Wallapop to file complaints?

Although the items sold at Wallapop are second-hand, it is expected that are in good condition and that they do not have any problems when buying them.

However, there are times when the product does not meet the expectations of the buyer and the need to make some kind of claim. For this reason, we will teach you how to make a claim in Wallapop and what to do if you want to return a purchase.

After a purchase at Wallapop, how long does it take to make a claim?

After a purchase is made and it reaches the buyer’s hands, the buyer will have a within 48 hours to verify the producer and verify that it is in good condition.

If this is not the case, the user must then communicate with the seller to present your complaint and seek the best possible solution to the problem presented.

What is the most effective way to receive a response to a Wallapop complaint?

When an inconvenience occurs in the process of a purchase, the intervention of a representative Wallapop and to communicate with them there are several ways.

Using the ‘Help’ service

The Wallapop help service is a good method to solve problems regarding claims and product returns, but you should keep in mind that to do so you have to be associated with the service of Wallapop Protect.

most effective way to receive a response to a wallapop claim

Using this option is important as shipments are insured and the money is blocked until the product that has been purchased is confirmed as received.

To use the help service you have to go to the chat with the seller and click on the link that is located under the option that says ´All OK´. After that, you will have to choose the reason for the claim and add a brief description about the problem, as well as include photos that demonstrate the veracity of your review.

With the ‘Shipping’ phone

Wallapop does not have an official number through which you can communicate with them. However, several users have managed to get some phone numbers and claim to have some kind of answers.

You can try calling the following contact: 936 76 05 10. However, the best option that we recommend is always to deal directly with the official website.

Using E-mail

The email is also a good way to communicate with the Wallapop claims service, when you compose the email you should add videos so that the representatives of the application can verify the information. This is the address you can write to: [email protected]

‘Social media’ method

Wallapop has profiles on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. To communicate with them and receive a response, you can write a DM to Twitter or Instagram, which are the networks where they have the most interaction.

What should be done to return an unwanted purchase from Wallapop?

return an unwanted purchase from wallapop

If you have finalized a purchase and it has not met your expectations, you have the option to make a return. For this you have to contact the seller and explain the reason for the problem, to do so follow the steps below.

  • Go to the chat with the buyer in the wallapop app.
  • Under the option ´All OK´ you will find a link, select it.
  • In the new menu that will appear, write the problem you are presenting and why you want to make a return, add photos if necessary.
  • After the seller receives your messages, they will decide whether or not to accept the return. Doing so will generate an automatic tag in the chat so that you can send it back.
  • After the seller receives their product and notifies Wallapop, the money will be returned to you.

Where can I receive a refund for a purchase made at Wallapop?

After the confirmation product return, the money will be returned to the account of the credit card with which you have made the purchase. This credit card will be the same one that you have registered in your Wallapop account.

Even if you try to request the money back to another account, the application will not allow it and if you want to change your bank details, you will have to do so at the end of the open buying and selling process. Although it may seem a bit tedious, it is the best way to ensure your money and that of the seller.

receive a refund for a purchase made on wallapop

Remember to be careful when shopping for Wallapop, so you avoid the process of having to return items and wait for your money to be returned. If a purchase does not generate enough confidence, it is best to eliminate it and avoid carrying it out.