How to connect using ssh on Windows 10 and Windows Server

the ssh is a secure protocol that uses port 22. It allows you to connect to a device on the command line in order to configure it and query it using various commands.

Very often used on Linux servers we will see that it is quite possible to connect in ssh on Windows servers !

Step 1 – Activate the SSH client on Windows

SSH client verification

The latest versions of Windows 10 and Windows Server 2019 includes an SSH client called OpenSsh. First, check that it is installed on your system in the optional programs.

openssh windows
OpenSsh is natively integrated on Windows 10 and Windows Server 2019

On previous versions and on Windows Server 2016 you must install it.

The easiest way is to install it using PowerShell commands.

Install the Windows SSH client

Open a Powershell command prompt as administrator then enter the following command:

Add-WindowsCapability -Online -Name OpenSSH.Client

It’s done, your OpenSsh client is installed!

SSH connection on a Windows PC / server

To connect to the SSH client of a computer or server you can open a Powershell prompt then enter the following command

ssh [email protected]

The port used is port 22, if the remote machine uses another port you can adapt the command

ssh [email protected] -p 22

At the first connection a message is displayed of the type “Are you sure you want to continue connecting?”, you must answer Yes, then you must enter the account password.

If you have a “refused” connection, you must check that your firewall allows the SSH connection!

Once connected you have access to the command interpreter.

Alternatives to connect in SSH with Windows

The most famous utility is Putty, the software is free and allows you to connect according to different protocols like SSH, Telnet and even in serial port (com)

The tool is available on the Putty official website :

Once downloaded you can open Putty and enter the machine’s IP as well as the SSH port

putty ssh

You can now connect in ssh with Windows.

The advantage of ssh windows is to carry out a secure connection !

The connection being encrypted, we cannot analyze the internet frames to recover your password for example.

Of course we can add an extra layer of security thanks to the cConnections using SSH keys.

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