How to connect the Chromecast to another Wi-Fi network? – Setting

It is somewhat frustrating to discover that when we want to connect it to a new WiFi network, we find that we have no idea how to do it. This is because Chromecast devices only can connect to an already configured WiFi network and it requires several steps, which are simple but unknown to many, to connect the Chromecast to another WiFi network. Next we will help you discover what are those procedures that you must follow in order to enjoy your Chromecast wherever you want to go.

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How to easily change the Chromecast Wi-Fi network?

Although many do not know it, making the change of the Chromecast WiFi network is a fairly simple process, the most important thing before starting to explain these steps is that you download and install it on your mobile device the Google Home App.

  • Once the Google Home App is installed on your device, proceed to start it, and within it you must select your Chromecast and click on the ‘Settings’ option.
  • In doing so, you must go down to the options menu ´WiFi´ which you will select to display another menu of options.
  • There you will see the option ‘Connect a new WiFi network’ select it and proceed to enter the password for the new WiFi network that you have available and finally click on ‘Accept’ and that’s it.

Is it necessary to delete the old connection to avoid errors?

It is completely necessary for set up a new WiFi network on your Chromecast make this delete the previous connection to avoid connection errors. To delete the previously configured network, you just have to do the following:

  • Open the Google Home App on your mobile, now go to the option ´Devices´ there you must locate the Chromecast that you have linked.
  • Enter the settings menu of your Chromecast and locate the option ´Connect WiFi network´ there you will see the one you have previously configured.
  • Now it only remains to delete said network to do it you must select said network and display the option ‘Delete’ Click on it and you’re done, all you have to do is confirm this action and the WiFi network will be deleted from your device.
  • The next step will be to go back to the start of the settings menu of your Chromecast device to configure a new WiFi connection.

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How to configure the new Chromecast Wi-Fi network from my mobile?

When you delete the WiFi network that your Chromecast had configured this immediately detect the new available network that you must now configure, to do so you must do what we describe below.

  • Launch the Google Home App and enter the option ´Devices´, there you must locate your Chromecast and enter its settings.
  • In these configurations you will see the option ´Connect new WiFi network´, click on that option and proceed to select the name of the available WiFi network that it will have detected your Chromecast device.
  • Now you just have to put the security key of said network and select ‘Accept’ so that it is configured on your Chromecast.

Is there another solution to connection problems on Chromecast?

If for some reason that you do not know after having performed the previous steps, there is a problem connecting the new WiFi network to your Chromecast device. The only solution could be having to reset your device and thus restore it to factory settings, this only as a last option since by doing so you will lose all the settings previously made to your computer.

To perform this restart you only have to place your Chromecast on the TV once installed you must press the reset button for about 15 to 20 seconds, when doing so the power light of the equipment must blink continuously while we press the button. In this way you will have been able reset to original settingsthe your device and now it should not present any problem when configuring the new WiFi network in it, in the way you have learned.

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Where can I find help on using Chromecast?

If you haven’t yet discovered the full potential of your Chromecast device Here we will give you a brief review of everything you can do with it, giving you the help on its use that you need. The Chromecast devices have been designed so that we can transmit information from our mobiles to the TV and even to connect directly to the Internet and enjoy any streaming content.

We have seen how to configure a WiFi network in it, but also with your Chromecast you can watch movies from Google Drive, use the screen in duplicate on Android devices to transmit information to your TV such as photos or videos stored on your mobile, but also you can use it directly as an Internet connection station and thus have greater stability in the network connection with your Chromecast device. You can also improve the viewing quality of some streaming content and even link it with other devices.