How to configure your lists in your Twitter feed on iPhone or Android?

Lists on Twitter are an option available to followers of the social network, but few know about them and how to make proper use of them. Now that popularity is constantly increasing there are more users who are interested in knowing how to customize and enter the best Twitter lists.

What types of lists are there on Twitter and how to use them?

This method of the social network Twitter With their lists, it is so that the user can create, based on their interests, a cover with certain specific accounts. There are a couple of types of lists including: private and public, but be either of those two mentioned, you can include profiles or accounts of those people you do not follow as well as those you are following.

Do not worry if you are interested in the content of a certain user, but do not want to give him the follow, with the use of Twitter lists you can add it without following it. We clarify that, if you decide to add someone outside of being a follower, you will not have that content in your feed, it will only appear in the list to which you have integrated it.

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How to define a Twitter list as ‘private’ or ‘public’?

Finding out about Twitter’s public lists is as simple as tagging many users in a post, it’s just that any user who investigates your profile, find the lists created by you, as well as the people you have chosen to belong to them. Those users that you selected to be on your lists will have a Twitter notification advising them that they will appear on your public list, as well as its name.

The other users who come across your public list and wish to follow it, will be able to do so without problem and if they don’t want to, they can leave it. As for the private type, no account will receive notification of having been added to the list you have created and it will only be you who can see them.

How to create and customize your lists on Twitter?

There are a couple of procedures to create and customize Twitter lists that any user of the platform can use regardless of whether it is from web or mobile.

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From the Twitter website

  • Access the trusted search engine and log in with Twitter, once you have done it you will have to look among the options on the left side of the platform, the section of Lists.
  • When selecting it, those that you have created will appear, as well as the possibility of having a new one, for the second option, you must click the button create a list.
  • Next, it will show new windows with the requirements to create the list, if you click on the camera icon, you can choose to place an image and header to the list.
  • In the other options, you will select the description and the name that the new list will carry, you can also choose the public or private type.
  • When the main data is already confirmed, continue by clicking on Following, now all that remains is for the platform to show a new window with two options: members and suggested.
  • In the first one you will find members of the list, on the right side of the accounts appears the option to delete (if you wish later).
  • For the second suggested option, you will be able to search for the accounts you want to add or Twitter at once will show accounts with content similar to yours or that it thinks may be of interest.

There is another way to add or remove users from your lists and it is simply by entering the person’s profile, selecting the three points and clicking on Add to / remove from lists. On the other hand, when you look for all the created lists, you will notice a clip icon, whose function is to fix the lists so that they always come out first.

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With mobile devices

  • Once logged into Twitter, locate the section Lists found in the left side menu, once selected you will be able to see the ones you have already created and if you are looking to make a new one, you just have to click on the button that appears in the lower right part.
  • A screen will automatically appear in which you will add the avatar, header, name and description of the new list, as well as whether it will be public or private.
  • At this point, the mode for mobile devices will not offer you a new tab to add accountsInstead, you will have to search for each one and integrate them directly from the respective profile.
  • After choosing the users that will be in your new list, you will see that every time you look for it (like the rest of the previous lists) there will be the icon of the clip to fix them.

For Twitter users with iPhone mobiles, they have a small advantage which is the configuration of the list at the feed. That is, in the list section you will see the set icon and when you select the fixed list, it will appear in a new top bar on the main page, which indicates the lists you have as well as the ones you belong to.

What can you do to see which Twitter lists you are on?

To know if we are on Twitter lists of other users, the way to confirm it will be that said list to which we were added is public, since the same platform will send us a notification warning us of the integration of our account to the list. If it is a private one, we will not know which ones we belong to. For those people who want to know which lists they belong to, they can make use of tools or applications external organizations that are in charge of exposing the number of lists that have been included.

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How to abandon Twitter lists that you are on?

Unfortunately, there is no quick way to get out of an alien list that we do not want to belong to, but there is a certain procedure that can take a couple of minutes. The question is about blocking the owner of the list and later, unblocking him, in this way you will be free not to belong to their list. You can also remove reactions from your profile.