How to configure my network card to increase speed – Windows 11

To achieve a good speed in our internet, it is essential that the network card that we have available for this task is good. This network card can be incorporated into the computer or we can include it externally, it gives specific speed to the browser and we access it by Ethernet or Wi-Fi. Here we will tell you how you can access it and configure it to get the most out of it.

How to access the network card in Windows 11 to make changes?

To access the card, we place the network icon on the taskbar and right-click to select the Network and Internet Settings. There we press ‘Advanced network configuration’ and immediately click on ‘More network adapter options’, at that time a pop-up window will be displayed where the speed that is being used in the network will appear, it is where you can set and adjust required changes.

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PC setup

You must enter ‘Advanced Settings’ to have access to the network adapter options and be able to observe the pop-up window, being there we click on ‘Properties’, where we must select ‘Client for Microsoft networks’ and choose ‘Configure’, just at that moment that we activate the configuration we must go to the Advanced Options tab and select the Property ‘Speed ​​& Duplex’.

Here Speed ​​refers to the interface speed that is measured in megabits per second, Mbps. And Duplex refers to the way data flows on that network interface. From this perspective, there must be a synchrony between both aspects so that speed is not affected in any way. This speed must be in accordance with the network card that is being used.

System tray

Windows operating systems prior to version 11 allowed you to enter the network card through the system tray, it was very simple and fast since you simply had to click on that tray and you were already immersed in the information you were looking for.

Now, Windows 11 requires a slightly longer process, but at the same time more secure, since it requires opening the Settings and going through various menus and various tabs; that although for some it is tedious and supposes an unnecessary labyrinth that must be accessed; for others it means greater security against inexperienced or unknown users.

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What methods to use to make the Windows 11 network card faster?

The most efficient method is to configure the Windows 11 network card to be able to set the browsing speed to the maximum, always considering the synchronicity that must exist between the Speed ​​and Duplex, to avoid common inconveniences such as slow access and browsing the internet.

Therefore, you must enter the Configuration option from the home screen and look for the Advanced Configuration options and thus be able to configure the browsing speed according to the network card that is available and in this way use it to the maximum the browsing speed that Windows 11 allows you.

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Disable file or printer sharing

The Windows 11 operating system has the function of ‘file or printer sharing’, which allows us to share, through the network, our files and access to printers with other users, this function is enabled personally by the user who so wishes and can be very useful at certain times; But if you already want to disable that feature, you can do it by following a few steps.

You enter ‘Control Panel’ from your home screen, click on ‘View status and network tasks’, this will take us to a window to access ‘Change advanced sharing settings’ and then deactivate the option ‘File and printer sharing’, we save the changes and now we will have removed this function from our Windows 11 PC.

Enter DNS server address

Enter an address from DNS server on the network card, it is a fairly simple action by following the steps described below: at the beginning of the screen, click on Menu and then on Settings, which allows you to open the application. Once you are in the settings screen, you go to the left side of the screen and press the Network & option.

You immediately go to the right area of ​​the screen and click on ‘Ethernet’ to locate the ‘DNS server assignment’ field and click on Edit to access the dialog box on your screen where you select ‘Edit DNS Configuration’ to choose the manual option in drop down menu.

Having gone through the process described, you click under the ‘IP4’ and take it to the Activated position, this is the precise moment to include the DNS server address of your choiceIn the corresponding box, click on ‘Encryption Preferred DNS encryption’ and choose ‘Preferred encryption, no encryption allowed’.

How to improve network card performance in Windows 11 with Jumbo Frame?

Jumbo Frame is one of the many functions that appear when you enter Advanced Configuration of your Windows 11 network card, which will help you to be more efficient and greatly increase performance of your card when browsing the internet.

This function is only supported in local area networks with at least 1 Gbps, and you must bear in mind that all devices that belong to the network must have this function enabled to avoid packet loss and to keep the connection active.

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How to improve Windows 11 network card with flow control?

There are dual versions of flow control for the Windows 11 network card, with some claiming that disabling these controls increases efficiency when regulating the traffic of connections, since they indicate that these flow controls have defects in some network adapters.