How to chrome my car in Car Parking Multiplayer without external programs?

Did you know that car and truck games are very popular nowadays? That is why You can’t miss the new Car Parking modality for Android. A great alternative that will give you hours of fun and best of all, multiple customization options such as applying a chrome to your car. Stay with us and find out right now.

How to chrome a car in Car Parking Multiplayer?

With the rise of Android games, the options that serve to give a personalized look to cars are attracting attention. Prior to start your car chrome in Car Parking, it is very important that you have the updated version of Car Parking.

Else, the indicated functions will not appear that will help you with it. Then, it only remains that you follow the following steps. Best of all, the process is very simple, it won’t take more than a couple of minutes, and you don’t require external tools that slow down the performance of your Android device.

From the game in Car Upgrade

If you are not willing to download external programs, it is best that modify the color of your car from Car Upgrade. So, open the app and go to the button that says Exterior. Once the interface is displayed, put the car into Main mode. Now, click on the Specular panel because that’s where the available tone palette will appear.

way to chrome a car in car parking multiplayer game

Then, select the color that you like the most, you can try all the options that appear on the screen until you find the most suitable. Then, you will have to go to the button that says Reflection, which will give you the chrome effect that you hope to apply. You’ll notice a variety of attractive metallic shades and colors come out. Choose the one that you think goes best with the external appearance of the car.

Where can I see the chrome colors that I can use with my Car Parking Multiplayer car?

Now, one of the great advantages that Car Parking Multiplayer offers you is that the performance of the game is optimal and allows you to choose from a wide range of shades chrome available. To locate them, you will have to go to the section that says Reflection once you know the car model you are going to customize.

From there also you will see an exact search box in which to add the name of a specific color. As well as another option called Fuzzy and that will let you write a value that may be little known. Remember that the more original your creations are, the better your position will be when playing games with your friends and acquaintances.

Also, in Car Parking Multiplayer you can track the tones of the other members from the platform in order to put them on your vehicle. This will help you if you saw a new color that you didn’t know about until now. In any case, we recommend you carry out the procedure calmly and activate the Game Guardian icon if you want to pause the speed of the video game.

see the colors to apply in the car parking game from my mobile

What steps should I follow to chrome my car in Car Player Multiplayer?

The best way to chrome your car in Car Parking Multiplayer is by accessing the section that says Paint. being there, you have to look for the white tone from the Reflection sectionSince this will give it an extra layer of protection that will look great when applying the new stickers.

Next, you must position yourself in Game Guardian Settings and search the Memory Ranges. Now, you are going to check the A: Anonymous box and save the changes. From the Magnifying glass that appears at the top of the screen, you will have to write the number 1 and choose the D: Dword box.

Then, re-enter the magnifying glass box but this time place F: Float and change the pitch to black. It only remains for you to go to Game Guardian and start modifying the values ​​that appear in the table. Thanks to this, you will be able to experiment little by little until you find the chrome color that you are willing to apply.

Don’t forget that in Car Player Multiplayer, you don’t need to go to external programs because it’s very easy to change the customs of the cars with the Game Guardian menu options.